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Greenhouse April Freeze Update

In todays vlog I want to share with you the greenhouse April Freeze Update.  You will find the video and photos documenting my experience with this unheated 10’x12′ greenhouse in my Ohio garden.

Greenhouse April Freeze Update

The video shows the weather chart from our weather station here on the property.  It’s little things like the weather station and being able to rely on a local forecast that help when a freeze comes.  I want to note that it isn’t unlikely to have temperatures dip below freezing this time of year.  This is why it is important to know and keep in mind your hardiness zone when planting.    Check out the video to see how the unheated structure faired the conditions.

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Find this and other creative videos on my Bren Haas Channel.  You can find me on social media platforms but the best place to reach out to me is on my website.

Greenhouse and Garden Highlights

Below are the photos I took this morning to document how the unheated structure did during the low temperatures.  I will admit I was a little nervous about some of the annuals I had picked up at local garden centers.

My 10'x12' Greenhouse Update
Click Here For More Greenhouse Details


Even though I start bare root strawberries in the greenhouse, moving them to the raised bed is important.  The video shows what my strawberry ‘patch’ looks like after the greenhouse April Freeze.

Inside the greenhouse during the April Freeze these images show how the plants preform.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to know your frost date.  Be sure to check out my post about the hardiness zones.  In the photo collage above there are a few annuals that will not survive an April in Ohio outdoors.  I share more about the Senetti on my site.

Here is a collection of image featuring my Dahlia’s growing in the greenhouse during the freeze.  I share more about Dahlias in home gardens on my website at Starting Dahlias For Summer Home Gardening.

Tree starters, blueberry blooms and my surprise plant mention in the video.

Greenhouse Blog Posts

If you enjoy learning about my greenhouse during the April freeze I’ve included a link below featuring more post about this structure.   Be sure to click over and check them out.

HelleBores Begin To Stand
More Spring Landscape Ideas

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Happy Spring Gardening,

Bren Haas

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  1. Such good information, thanks Bren.
    You’re last frost date is the same as ours, I usually wait until the end of May to plant just to be safe.

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog Peggy! My babies (annuals) I grow from seed I try and wait until the last week in May before planting outside. I can’t wait to hear more about your garden. Please come back and share soon.

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