Last Day in the Greenhouse

A quick glance at the weather forecast in Ohio and it may appear on the cold side with highs in the teens but the end of 2014 is leaving us with plenty of sunshine. I’m not going to complain because we had a reminder of the last winter during November Thanksgiving weekend with 2″ of snow and hasn’t made an appearance in my garden since. As long as the sunshine arrives at some point during the day for at least an hour during the cold days of winter I’m super happy. An hour of full sun anytime from 11 am – 3 p.m. will keep my heaters off in the 10’x12′ greenhouse for hours and sometimes the entire day.

I’m excited to share with you my greenhouse on the last day of 2014. I’ve been using this structure since 2008 and I’m looking forward to expanding sometime in the near future because it has become a way of life for me and my family. Everyone at some point of the week spends sometime in the warm growing space.

It’s Been a While Since I Shared A Video In The Growing Space …..

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Photos Collection From The Greenhouse 12/30/14

I find myself as I step into this small growing space with the scent of soil, herbs, sounds of the water system, and sunshine beating on my skin.   Even if you have no desire to ‘garden’ I think everyone should experience what a space filled with healthy green can do for you.

The walk to the 10’x12′ greenhouse during the winter months is usually an adventure in itself.  This month we have been extremely lucky to be only experiencing freezing temperatures that are helping kill off bad bugs and freeze the ground. Below are images of my walk after filling the two buckets of water that I take to the greenhouse for the fish tanks every other week.  The water come directly from the well and has not been treated in any way. If we haven’t had much sun then water is usually not needed in the tanks.

It’s a SAUNA  of sort …..

Temp Control

Sunshine Means Warm Temp in Greenhouse

My husband seemed a bit disappointed when reading the weather forecast for the last days of 2014 because of the outdoor work to be done and the temperatures heading into the low teens. I quickly asked ‘Are they forecasting sun?’.  I’ve experienced the coldest days in history in the greenhouse wearing t-shirts.  As long as the sun is shining the fish tanks, plants and ME are happy in the winter greenhouse.  Here is a video of the first snow storm and my greenhouse : Snow Storm – Greenhouse Growing .

Above Collection of my favorite things to bring indoors and enjoy for the winter into the new summer season.

Food Growing

This year in the greenhouse I’m wintering over a new improved Myer lemon shrub which is ready to be harvested as the lime, lemon and kumquat I grow begins to produce fruit from autumn blooms.  I also brought in a container of strawberries from the summer deck.   Growing citrus and fruit has become super fun with all the new variates on the market to grow.

Seeds for 2015

New Seeds for 2015

New Seeds for 2015

Ready … Set … Grow in 2015.  Today I also started a few of my favorite cold harvest seeds in containers in the greenhouse.  I’ve planted plenty of lettuce, radishes, carrots and even some chard.   I hope you will following me into the spring months as this harvest grows.

Lemons in New Year

Grow More Lemons for a Fantastic New Year!

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Happy New Year – Bren


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