A Few Quick and Easy Tomato Planting Tips

Did you know that tomatoes are packed with tons of amazing vitamins and have been linked to helping fight cancer?  Seriously!  However, I grow them because I did get a thrill out of watching them grow and enjoy eating them in salsa during the summer months.  In today’s share, I want to bring you to my backyard raised bed gardens and plant a tomato in a hurry. Enjoy the tips on this post and don’t forget to ask me any additional questions you may have.

Tomato Planting Tips

Tomato plants are super fun to plant in raised beds, gardens, and containers.  This plant is one of my favorites to grow each year in my home garden.  With all the new varieties available these days I am able to grow almost year-round tomatoes.    Below I will show you how I planted up a Burpee ‘Fourth of July’ variety tomato plant in less than 5 minutes.  I can actually get a raised bed done in under 30 minutes if I have all the plants ready to go.

Step 1

Pick out a healthy tomato and a full sun location in your home garden.

how to plant tomatoes

The raised bed area we are planting in today is a 4’x4′ bed that I created in 2008.  I’ve been adding new compost to it each season and the soil is AMAZING!   I was very excited to find this Burpee Fourth of July Tomato Plant variety at my local Meijer store while shopping for socks for my son.  I love how you can find amazing veggies to grow at home just about anywhere these days.  Not to mention tomato plants are also super easy to start from seed.

Step 2

Dig a hole in the center of the wire tomato cage at least 4″ – 8″ deep depending on the size of your tomato plant. It’s easy to maneuver around the cage and dig comfortable a handheld transplanter.

dig hole for tomato / before cage is added

Step 3

Gentle break off the bottom leaves on the tomato plant.  The plant is going to be dropped as deep as we can get it in the raised bed.  This will allow the roots to grow deep.  Don’t worry, most of these varieties grow like weeds. Tomato planting is super easy… have fun!

Step 4

Don’t be afraid to check out those roots in the container before bringing the tomato plant home.  The photo below is a perfect example of some super strong roots!

Roots of Tomato Plants

Step 5

Add a few companion plants to the space near the tomatoes.  Below are a few of my favorites including marigolds which help keep bugs away ( I swear by it!) 

kale and cabbage plants in the garden

There is a few minutes left to make it five minutes so let’s get in that bed and put a few annuals along the border the pollinators can’t refuse!  I’m using this little SunGold Annual that the bees love each year in my garden.  It’s a bonus plant because sometimes it will reseed itself.

border annual from garden center

Let’s Connect

Ask me ANYTHING about growing vegetables in your home garden!!! I want to help you grow so let’s connect on my website. Did you enjoy my planting demonstration today? I can’t wait to share my first bowl of salsa and a BLT sandwich with you in a few weeks.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas



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