How to Care for Poinsettia

Black Friday to me is finding great deals on healthy poinsettia to give to family and friends. It is a great way to kick off the Christmas season by giving from the garden ( or greenhouse).  I would like to share a few tips on keeping your poinsettia healthy well into the New Year with you today while we are enjoying Thanksgiving turkey left overs.

Nothing Says ‘Merry Christmas’ like the Blooms on a Red Poinsettia

A few things to keep in mind about the poinsettia plant is that today’s varieties are more compact, durable and long-lasting. Poinsettias prefer to be out in the warm sunshine ( hello …. who doesn’t?).  I must admit, the longest I have been able to tolerate a poinsettia living in my Ohio home and garden is 6 months. Lets face it, the poor red and garden traditional holiday plant will always be about Christmas.  My plant had green on it from December through May when I accidentally left it in my greenhouse on the top shelf on a really sunny day.  It dried out and I just didn’t feel like nursing it back to health because poinsettia plants are inexpensive and easy to find in my area each year.  Although it might be fun to try and plant one out in my summer garden this year so I’m going to try my best to keep the plants I have a live this season.

A Few Basic Tips From My Experience To Keep Poinsettia Plant Blooming :

1.  The plant soil likes to be moist but not too wet. Soggy soil will result in sudden leaf drop, and allowing the plant to become bone dry will result in decline of the plant.

2. The poinsettia flowers are the tiny yellow center of the plant.  Be sure they are not open yet when you purchase the plant so it will last longer during the holiday season.

3. The plant loves humidity!  Yellowing or brown leaves are most likely caused by dry air.  Try misting the plant daily to keep it happy during the holiday season.

4. The poinsettia plant doesn’t like too much of a draft and loves light!


After the Christmas season leaves will begin to drop as they are suppose to.  Be prepared to let the plant rest in a cooler and some what shaded location.  When the tempature outdoors reach the 60″s F the plant can be moved outdoors into a shaded location in well fertilized moist soil.   I’m looking forward to giving this plant a try year-round and I hope you will join me in the challenge.   Taking care of something green and being able to help it bloom again is a rewarding experience I hope you will be able to share with your family and friends this Christmas season.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday from my Greenhouse in Ohio!

 More on how to care for poinsettia from #gardenchat transcript with Costa Farms Melissa Arteaga Martíguest host November 2010 .

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