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Spring Dreaming in the Brens’ Home Greenhouse

Maybe the best part about having a home greenhouse is the fact that spring comes early each year.  In this post we do some Spring Dreaming in the Home Greenhouse

It Won’t Be Long

I will admit the forecast of highs only reaching the low 20’s and lows in the single digits for this weekend has made me a bit scared to think of my greenhouse project. The thought of losing my blooms I have been wintering over is enough to make me lose sleep. It was a wonderful treat to wake to the sunshine and a greenhouse with summer temperatures in the greenhouse.

January 29 Greenhouse

How it works

As the sun gets higher in the sky it is the perfect time to begin seed starting.

Here comes the sun to wake up the seedlings!

I swear I could see the herbs reaching for the sunshine and the lettuce put on another centimeter as I took photos in the greenhouse.  Spring in the greenhouse is like a magical wonderland. In fact, I never want to go away during the later winter and spring season.  Why travel when you can stay home and enjoy nature in the greenhouse.

Little Critters

I love sharing my excitement of growing year-round with my critters.  I often let them come into the greenhouse with me on days it is sunny and I am working away.  We all love the sunshine and promise of spring coming soon.  The cats and puppy are why it is important to always use water right from the well in the greenhouse.  Keeping things natural or organic is a great way to grow.

Seymore is reminded of summer by enjoying the water from the well in the watering can.

I am posting this wonderful reminder that spring is just around the corner.  I hope you all will take advantage of all the seeds that are available this time of year at your local nursery centers and grab them up before the good ones are gone!   You won’t regret giving seed planting a try… trust me!

NOTE: You will see BGgarden watermark on some of my photos because these are from my first blog.

Let’s Connect

I hope this spring bloom a dear friend of mine gave me warms you up this winter afternoon. Be sure to connect with me by commenting on my contact page. 

Enjoy your Friday Friends!

Bren Haas


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