Wood County Plant Exchange

Have you ever attended a plant swap? In today’s post I share all the exciting things that took place at my first every plant exchange in Ohio.  Be sure to check out the video and my personal tips based on my experience at this event.  I can’t wait to attend another Wood County Plant Exchange.

Attending the Plant Swap

Below is a quick little video I put together featuring a few fun things from this local event.  I hope you scroll down and check out the photos and my feedback.  Wait until you see my update featuring the plant I took home and how they bloomed. As always your comments are welcome on my website so fire away below.

Play Video

video on Bren Haas YouTube Channel at: My First Ever Plant Swap in Ohio

The Wood County Plant Exchange Review

I am so glad I found the group on Facebook a few months ago. Luckily, I got a reminder this morning via the Facebook page.  Honestly, I have no idea what plant to bring and swap. After reading the event description, I grabbed a couple of little plants I had in 3” containers ( catnip, stonecrop, and foxglove ) and headed up to the fairgrounds.

Find out more about this event at Wood County Plant Exchange Facebook Page.

Update From My Frist Ever Plant Exchange

From the plants I received from this event the Prickly Cactus and Daylily are thriving in my home garden.  I really caught the daylily collecting bug from the cutting of green flutter I brought home.

Let’s Connect

I would love to hear your thoughts on the wood county plant exchange.  Have you ever attended one in your area? Share with me by commenting below or visit my contact page to leave a message. Watch for updates on this page for upcoming exchanges.

Happy Plant Swapping,

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