4th Generation Garden Center | Sadowski Produce

It’s not uncommon for my husband and I to take a back road drive to visit the garden center featured today….  I usually stop out mid-April and again later in the summer season when the produce market is open.  Join me as we check out Sadowski Produce!

4th Generation Garden Center | Sadowski Produce

After a long winter, it is so refreshing to get into a garden center like the Sadowski – filled with bedding plants, herbs, perennials, vegetables and a few other must have basics for every home garden to grow successfully.

Eric and His Family

This year my visit was exciting because I spotted the 4th generation of the Sadowski Family following in his grand-dad and father’s footsteps….    I got to meet up with Eric Sadowski who shares a little with me on opening day.

My Interview with Sadowski Produce

Passing thru Northwest Ohio during the growing season?  You must stop out and pick up some goodies for your home and garden.  During the early months of Summer, the garden center is open and packed with reasonably priced herbs, flowers, vegetables, and more.  That is when I caught Eric Sadowski and his family in the greenhouse.

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Visit Sadowski Produce & Greenhouses

You will find Sadowski Produce at 12815 Airport Hwy, Swanton, OH 43558

Looking for a fun road trip of your own?  I share other Ohio Garden Centers with maps on my site.

Images at Sadowski Product / Greenhouse

Sadowski Greenhouse and Produce Market on My Website

Obviously, if you follow my networking you know that I love Farmers Markets and Garden Centers.  Sadowski’s is definitely one of my favorites.  Here are a few of my post from Garden Centers.

Filled Up The Trunk... again!

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    • Hey James – thank you so much for asking about Caladium. Your comment is on a post I wrote about a local garden center I adore and recommend. I have never seen caladium at this center but I do grow it myself from the bulb. You can find my caladium post if you search my site for Caladium. I hope to post a new update on some current varieties I am growing. Be sure to follow that link at: Caladium. https://brenhaas.com/?s=caladium


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