The mint herb is one of my favorites not only because it is packed with cooling flavor but because it is easy to grow.  In this post I share how I am growing a mint herb plant indoors during the late winter season. 

How to Grow Mint Indoors Video

In this video I am sharing the mint plant I bought locally to grow indoors.  This plant is a USDA organic herb you can most commonly find in the grocery store.  Mine has been doing ok in the container it came in as long as I keep it moist and near my Aerogarden LED lights. Today this video shows how I put int in a larger container to enjoy indoors as long as possible.  

Be sure to scroll down and see the update about mint in hydroponic gardens indoor.

This video can be found on my Bren Haas Channel here on my website.  I upload most of my content to YouTube where you can find me at @brenhaas.  Thanks for checking this growing mint video out.  Scroll down to see more and ask questions about this project.

What is an Herb? Botanically speaking a seed producing annual perennial or biennial that doesn’t produce woody stems and dies back at the end of the growing season.  In culinary terms, herbs are plants with savory aromatic or medicinal qualities. – ‘Garden- pedia’ by Pamela Bennett and Maria Zampini

Tips and Tricks on How To Grow Mint Indoors

As I mention in the video I originally had a mint plant growing in this beautiful terra cotta container.  I don’t always recommend terra cotta for most plants but the mint does well in it as long as I have gravel / stone in the bottom.   

mint in the terra cotta container

Pay attention to room temperature and lighting.  If it is the dead of winter and you have no sunlight you will need to use LED lights.  I recommend growing your own plant in an Aerogarden set up.  

Don’t forget to not let the plant go completely dry indoors.  There is usually no recovery for the plant if that happens. Indoor hydroponics are really are one of the best ways to enjoy most edibles Indoors successfully.

Mint Grown in Hydroponic Set Up
Mint Looks So Happy Grown in Dome Greenhouse

More Herb Growing Information on My Site:

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Let’s Connect

In conclusion of putting this video content together to share with you from my world I would love to hear what you think about this mint growing indoors.  Have you ever grow mint indoors?  Reach out and share with me on my website. 

Happy Mint Growing,

Bren Haas

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