Planting Chive in Your Home Garden

Blooms on the Chive Plants
It's Never Too Late To Plant Chives

One of the most beautiful sites in the garden each spring is chive in bloom.  In the past two years, I discovered online that you can use the flowers of the chive in salads.  I have a large section of chive growing in the back raised bed area and one in the mudroom landscape close to the entry to our home.  I love having that chive close to the house so I can go out and harvest to enjoy meals.  Today I’m reseeding the older area of chive that grows close to the house just outside the mudroom.

Spring Clean Up and Planting Chive from Seed

First I had to FIND the chives I have been enjoying since I added the original plant to the landscape in 2004.  I submerged a terra cotta container in the ground when I planted it and even found the tag still in the container today. Chive plants like good air circulation so I need to prune back this shrub that is growing super healthy next to chive plant.  I wasn’t sure what the name of the shrubs was so I ask on Twitter for help with a shrub ID.  A few great gardeners who utilize Twitter answered my questions and even gave me some great growing tips so be sure to click on the image below to read what was shared.

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Planting Chive From Seed Tips & Tricks

Once I pruned back that monster shrub and moved around the organic matter in the soil it’s almost time to plant.  Be sure to keep in mind that chives like well-drained soil.  I’m going to spread the seeds.  Remember these little seeds go a long way!

Clean up Garden
Be sure to tag your plants so you can keep track of where and when you planted those seeds. I also enjoy documenting the plants I grow by taking photos that are added to my personal archive.

Use scissors to cut chives no more than 3″ above the soil.  Most people harvest the chives before they flower but I like to enjoy the blooms in the landscape and in salads! Once the flowers are done cut the plant back to least 2″ above the soil and new sprouts usually come back before the winter.  I’ve always trusted Fiskars when cleaning up my garden.  Check out some of my favorite pruners on Amazon!

New Sprouts from Chive Plants

Thanks for checking out my video today featuring Chives! 

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I would love to hear what you think about growing chives.  I have planted many different varieties in my home garden throughout the years and enjoy them all really.  Tell me your story by reaching out to me on my contact page featured on this website.

Happy Chive Growing,

Bren Haas

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