How to Grow Thuja Giant Starter Trees

In this post I highlight a video showing what to do with thuja giant starter trees.  Check out the video and a few of the tips highlighted below!

Thuja Giant Starter Trees Video

Just a quick video highlighting how I grow my thuja giant starter trees. 

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You can find this video on my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  Be sure to reach out if you are having issues viewing this or consider following me on YouTube.  Pop me a message below so I know to find you on YouTube to follow back!

Thuja Giant Starters

Healthy Roots on the Thuja Giant Tree Starters

In the video I highlight what the cute little tree staters look like when they arrived.  You maybe wondering what the heck we are going to do with 50 of these trees.  My husband and I hope to add a new border around the pond with these trees.  There are so many reasons to consider this variety when creating a privacy or wind block on your property.  I share more about the thuja varieties on my site at: Exploring The Green Giant Arborvitae in Brens Garden.

You maybe wondering why we bought the trees so small.  Over the years I have learn that the arborvitae grow better when added to the landscape around their 3-4 year of growth.  Ordering plants from the Soil and Water Conservation District over the past 10 years was a great learning experience.  My goal is the keep these in 1/2 gallon containers this year and hopefully move up to the 1 gallon landscape containers next year.  Once they get to about 4-5 feet tall I hope to move them to their permanent spot in the landscape.

How to Take Care of the Thuja Giant Starter Trees

Supplies to Repot Thuja Giant

The video in this post gives tips on how to care for the thuja giant starter trees.  You will want to remove them from the shipping box and get them watered as soon as you can.  Store the plants in a cool, dry location until you are ready to get them out of the small pots they arrive in.  YOU DO NOT want to keep them in those small growing containers for long.  Moving the plant to a container where the roots have room to grow is ideal.  HOWEVER, I wouldn’t put the starter in the container that is 10 times its size.  I am not sure why … that just never worked for me.

Landscape Trees To Consider

Below are a few post featuring some of the trees I’ve grown over the past years.   I hope you check them out and consider growing some of your own.

Blue Iris From My Sister In Law
Finally Blooming!

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I would love to hear from you and your experience with the Thuja Giant Starter Trees.  Do you grow them in your home garden?  Be sure to reach out to me by commenting below on my site.

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