hundreds of Olives Forming

Todays post is really exciting for me because I do believe I have Arbequina Olive Tree harvest on the way!  In this post you will see a video featuring what the tree looks like and what I’ve been doing to get fruit.

Arbequina Olive Tree Update Year Two

It was a toasty day in the dome but I LOVE IT and so do the fun things growing inside.  No filters in todays video… sorry I was little sweaty and super excited to share with you the olive trees.  Check out the video below!

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I love making videos to show you what is really going on in my dome. I appreciate you taking the time to check out my videos.  You can find most of my videos on Bren Haas Channel features on YouTube.  IF you have issues viewing or would like to learn more please reach out to me on my website!

Arbequina Olive Tree Observations

As mentioned in the video, these two trees have been growing in my dome since Autumn  2019.  You can read about where I found them on an early post:

Arbequina Olive Tree Tag

Arbequina Olive Tree In My Ohio Garden

Have you noticed unique trees and shrubs showing up at unusual shops in your town?  Today I share the Arbequina Olive Tree I found at the grocery store that is now growing  In My Ohio Garden. My New Olive Tree Hard to believe I left this tree at the curb… literally!  I was loading my

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The trees have not grown much taller but do appear to be getting a little wider.  The plants are in a shallow 18″ wide container in a potting soil with succulents growing as a mulch.  The small tree is about 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide.  Perfect size for a patio if you don’t have a dome.  You will have to move them indoors before a freeze arrives because the tree doesn’t like to go below 20*F.  Mine have been doing amazing where the temperature doesn’t drop below 45*F during the winter season.

Obviously, I will have to do another post to let you know what happens to these little ‘olive’ nubs.  I hope I will have a harvest to share with you by summers end.  Be sure to subscribe to my website email to find out more

More About Container Gardening On My Site

Below are a few of my favorite links to container gardening that you may enjoy.  I recommend trying a few trees in containers just to see if it is something you enjoy.  You maybe surprised!

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How to Grow and Care for Fall Mums

In this post I share some of my personal tips on how to grow and care for Fall mums.  You will see my latest video about hardy mums also known as Chrysanthemums. Mums During the Autumn season you will find many different varieties of mums (Chrysanthemums).  During a recent visit to a local garden center

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Blooming Senetti Spotted at Meijers

The Cool Season Plant Named Senetti Pericallis

In this post I share the Senetti pericallis I am currently growing in my home garden.  I share a video featuring a cool season hanging basket design and growing tips about the plant.  Creative Hanging Basket with Cool Season Senetti Plants In this video I share how I am using the Senetti plant in a

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Cactus in the Winter Window

How To Grow a Cactus Indoors

One of my favorite things to grow in Ohio is cactus.  I  have many different varieties I’ve been enjoying for years so it is always fun to find a new one at the garden center. In this post I share how I to grow a cactus indoors. How to Grow A Cactus Indoors I really

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Brindabella Rose | Crimson Knight

BRINDABELLA ROSE Crimson Knight Review

In this post you will find my review of the Crimson Knight Brindabella Rose.  The video was taking this morning after days of early Autumn rain.  I think you will be impressed with this performer for home gardens. Brindabella Rose Crimson Knight Review Video Brindabella Roses were first introduced to my home garden in 2019. 

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canna and succulent container

Canna and Succulent Container Planting

In this post I share one of my latest creations using canna and succulent in container.  This is a fun and easy way to enjoy vibrant color with little to no work!  Basically plant and do during the early summer months and enjoy until its time to harvest before late frost. Canna and Succulent Container

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Mexican Sour Gherkins And Strawberries In Small Space Garden

In this post you will find a video featuring a creative planting including Mexican Sour Gherkins.  These fun little healthy snacks are super easy to grow and enjoy as outlined below Mexican Sour Gherkins Video This is my first you to grow the Mexican Sour Gherkins on my patio.  I found a cute little cloth

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hardy avocado tree year 1

Thank you for checking out my video about the Arbequina Olive Tree Today.  More fun things going on in the dome include this Avocado tree producing new leaves!

Let’s Connect

After checking out my post about the Arbequina Olive Tree I would love to hear what you think of this tree.  Connect with me on my website is really the best way to get in touch.   I’ve been so busy out in the gardens and blogging about my experience that is getting hard for me to find time to be on social media.  You can find me over on social @brenhaass if you want to show support and follow.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas


  1. Hope you do well with your olives I have two trees also same age same situation. Unfortunately my olives started turning brown and schrivelling up. I suspect they were not getting enough water at the criticle time. Transplanted them today to larger pots.

    1. Unfortunately, my little blooms didn’t turn into olives. I am not sure what I did wrong but I will definitely try again. The plant is still a beautiful addition to my dome greenhouse. I have both my plants in containers so they could go outside for the summer. This year I am keeping the plants in the dome for safe keeping while I research how to get them to bloom and produce.

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