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Growing Thuja Giant Tree Starters

How to Grow Thuja Giant Starter Trees

In this post I highlight a video showing what to do with thuja giant starter trees.  Check out the video and a few of the tips highlighted below! Thuja Giant Starter Trees Video Just a quick video highlighting how I grow my thuja giant starter trees.  https://youtu.be/llbEr9SvmuY You can find this video on my Bren

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Last of the Berries on the Candymint Crabapple Tree

Last of the Autumn Color in My Ohio Landscape

I just put together a video featuring the last of the Autumn color in my landscape.  This features my shade garden, shrubs, and many trees that I recommend.  Be sure to check out the highlights in this blog post. Last of the Autumn Color in My Ohio Landscape The video features the best of color

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Autumn Drive in Ohio

Early Autumn Drive in Northwest Ohio

In this post, I am keeping it simple and sharing a few of my favorite photos.  We explored a new road south of Rt. 6 on this early Autumn Drive in Northwest Ohio. Early Autumn Drive-Thru Country Side Video It is our favorite time to year to jump in the Miata and go for a

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fragrant white blooms

Black Tartarian Cherry Tree

In this post I share photos of our two Black Tartarian Cherry Trees growing at the entrance of our orchard.  You will see video of the trees and creative images. Black Tartarian Cherry Tree Video After a calm late April rain I captured this video.  The scent of the blooms is very lite but the

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Green Giant Tag Information

Exploring the Green Giant Arborvitae In Brens’ Home Garden

In today’s post, I am sharing fun information about the Thuja ‘Green Giant’ arborvitae growing in my landscape. This shrub was one of 4 I received for an unboxing project that turned into a conifer experiment. Green Giant Arborvitae In Brens’ Garden The Thuja standishii x plicata ‘green giant’  arborvitae This wispy 3 feet tall

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natural christmas tree decor

Decorating the Christmas Tree with Nature

In this post, I share a few Decorating the Christmas Tree with Nature ideas.   I hope the images inspire you to get creative with nature this season. Decorating the Christmas Tree with Nature Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for the tree in the photo below. It was a tree as you enter the Ann Arbor at Matthaei

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June Garden Walk VLOG

Early June in Northwest Ohio Garden Walk

Breath… and just take it all in!  Nature is a wonderful place to clear your mind and be inspired.  In this post, I share an early June in Northwest Ohio Garden Walk.  In addition to the vlog feature you will see up-close images of my favorite shrubs and plants.

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New Darwin Perennial Plants for 2019

Trialing New Plants by Darwin Perennials

One of the coolest things about being an influencer in the garden world is that I get to try new plants in my garden.  Some of these plants have yet to arrive in garden centers for the consumer.  In this post, I share trialing new plants by Darwin Perennials. Flowers and Plants by Darwin Perennials

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Pluots Growing on Tree

Why I Recommend The Pluot Tree in Home Garden

In today’s post, I am sharing one of my family’s most beloved fruit tree – the plout.  You will learn what this tree is and why I think every home garden should have at least 1 of these trees. Pluot Tree in My Husbands Home Orchard My husband and I both fell in love with

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flank steak street tacos

Grilled Chile-Lime Flank Steak Soft Tacos Recipe

Tonight I’m firing up the grill in the kitchen patio garden to cook up this Chile-Lime Flank Steak recipe.  It’s wonderful to finish the day with my family enjoying a good meal while sharing what we did during the day. Growing my own limes in Ohio since 2009 and a new harvest of cilantro will

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Celebrate Spring with Flowering Crabapple Tree

Spent the morning out under the crabapple tree with my pup Olivia.  I had to take photos to share with you the experience.  The bees love the bloom and the wind was lightly blowing through filling the garden with an amazing floral scent.  This tree was on our property when we purchased it back in

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