Sneezeweed Mariachi Ranchera Helenium Perennial

red sneezeweed in late summer bloomingIn this post, I share the Sneezeweed Mariachi Ranchera Helenium Perennial.  The plant that is wonderful for all home gardens and I list all the reasons why I recommend it!

Sneezeweed Mariachi Ranchera Helenium Perennial

In the video featured on this post, I share how I couldn’t remember the name of the plant.  In fact, I took to Twitter to see if someone else we enjoying this plant, and a few folks shared. I need to do a post showing how easy it is to enjoy the garden world on Twitter so stay tuned.   I also share the plant in my garden and the beautiful Brys Winery in Michigan where I spotted the plant.

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Top Reasons to Grow OWN This Plant

red blooms in early autumn

Where do I begin?  There are so many reasons why I love this plant.  The structure of the plant as it grows in the summer is sticking even before the blooms arrive.  Once the bloom arrives they stick around for a few weeks.  Below are some top reasons to grow this Sneezeweed Mariachi Ranchera Helenium Perennial.

  • Low maintenance – plant, mulch, and enjoy!
  • The bees and butterflies love this flower on the plant
  • deer and rabbit do not like this plant be sure to add a few different colors to your garden
  • Sneezeweed Mariachi Helenium is drought tolerant and can grow well in dry soil
  • Colorful blooms that will light up the landscape

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So… what did you think of the video.  Are you curious about the plant or how to use Twitter?  I would love to share more with you so be sure to reach out to me so I can answer your questions in upcoming video posts.  Be sure to tag me on social media @brenhaas so we can connect off my site.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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