Rosemary, Cassia Popcorn on a Geodesic Bio Dome Garden Walk

As I walk out to my winter garden growing in the geodesic bio dome all I can think about is the adventures that waits inside. It’s 12*F as I take a garden walk out to harvest rosemary for a new recipe I’m putting together. Rosemary, Cassia Popcorn are a few of my shares on A Geodesic Bio Dome Garden Walk.

Join me on Gardenwalk to Harvest Rosemary in the Dome

Take a walk out to the geodesic bio dome to harvest rosemary for a new recipe I’m working on.  During the walk I share my hydrangeas and conifer while heading to the wooded trail to the dome.  In the dome take a look at the pond, new growing unit to start seeds, cassia Popcorn plant and other cool hardy crops growing in January geodesic bio dome garden.

Find this video on YouTube at Creative Living with Bren Haas.

Mentioned in The Video

I’m excited to share the Popcorn Cassia Plant that I’ve been growing since April 2016 in the dome. The plant seems to love the conditions even in the winter when the nights are down in the 40*F in the dome. I placed the Cassia Plant in a container next to the south wall in the dome because it loves full sun.  The University of Wisconsin  has a great article on this plant so be sure to check it out.  

Cassia Plant in Southern California

In Autumn I got to visit the San Diego Botanical Garden and one of the highlights was seeing the Cassia Plant.  Look how HUGE the plant is in the dry and hot growing conditions in Southern California.  It would be awesome if I could get my plant to be half this in the geodesic bio dome.


Winter Garden
Winter Garden in The Geodesic Bio Dome : Rosemary in top middle of photo.

My Rosemary growing in the dome since October 2015 is doing wonderful.  The flavor is super bold and I’m excited to add it to the pork and vegetable recipe I’m putting together.  I have the rosemary growing in the ground of the geodesic bio dome on the south wall where it does well.

Gardening Gear This Time Of Year

Refrigiwear Extreme Sweater Jacket: I love this coat.. its perfect for cold days in Ohio.

My go to garden gear this time of year is my RefrigiWear Extreme Sweater Jacket.  It is not to heavy to wear while I harvest in the winter garden and also keeps me cozy warm on my walk to the geodesic dome.  The Extreme Sweater Jacket by RefrigiWear is my go to coat to wear when the temperatures drop below freezing.  The  RefrigiWear Expreme Sweater Jacket  is rated at 10*F.  I want to note that the kind folks at Refrigiwear donated this coat to me for my winter shares from the Geodesic Bio Dome.  Big THANK  YOU!!!  If you purchase using the affiliate link above I do get credit for this purchase on Amazon. 

In Conclusion

Be sure to continue following adventures in the Geodesic Bio Dome for upcoming seed starting,pond updates, food products and more. If you are interested in finding out more about growing your own winter garden comment below.

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