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Rosemary Cassia Popcorn Dome Garden Walk

In today’s vlog adventure Rosemary and Cassia Popcorn in the Dome Garden. As I walk out to my winter garden growing in the geodesic bio dome all I can think about is the adventures that wait inside. Even a 12*F day can’t damper my spirits as take a garden walk. I can’t wait to see how the Cassia Popcorn plant is doing. Enjoy the video and a few images in this post.

Rosemary and Cassia Popcorn Features of the Dome Garden

Take a walkout to the geodesic bio dome o harvest rosemary for a new recipe I’m working on.  During the walk, I share my hydrangeas and conifer while heading to the wooded trail to the dome.  In the dome take a look at the pond, a new growing unit to start seeds, cassia Popcorn plant, and other cool hardy crops growing in January geodesic biodome garden.

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You know I love sharing videos of my gardens so be sure to follow the Bren Haas Channel on YouTube so you get updates as they happen.

Highlights From The Dome Video

Did you spot the Rosemary and Cassia Popcorn in the Dome Garden? I’m excited to share the Popcorn Cassia Plant that I’ve been growing since April 2016 in the dome. The plant seems to love the conditions even in the winter when the nights are down in the 40*F in the dome. I placed the Cassia Plant in a container next to the south wall in the dome because it loves full sun. 

Bren Haas Gardener in Dome
south wall in winter dome

The University of Wisconsin has a great article on this plant so be sure to check it out.  

In Autumn I got to visit the San Diego Botanical Garden and one of the highlights was seeing the Cassia Plant.  Look how HUGE the plant is in the dry and hot growing conditions in Southern California.  It would be awesome if I could get my plant to be half this in the geodesic bio dome.


My Rosemary growing in the dome since October 2015 is doing wonderful.  The flavor is super bold and I’m excited to add it to the pork and vegetable recipe I’m putting together.  I have the rosemary growing in the ground of the geodesic biodome on the south wall where it does well.

winter gardening in the dome

Aren’t those herbs gorgeous? 

More From The Dome 

Follow my adventures in the dome greenhouse on my website.  20 Foot Geodesic Bio Dome 

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In conclusion, after hearing about the dome garden, what do you think of it?  I would love to hear from you so be sure to comment on my website. You are invited to follow my adventures in the Geodesic Bio Dome growing updates by subscribing to my newsletter.

Happy Gardening Year-Round,

Bren Haas

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