Jays Peach Hot Pepper

Every season brings something thrilling to my geodesic biodome. Don’t miss out on the new pepper seeds I’m cultivating, along with some helpful tips. Explore the dome pepper shelf vlog featured in the post below.

Dome Pepper Update

Of course it isn’t just a few peppers.. there are tomatoes involved in this video too.  Be sure to scroll down on this blog post to get my take on those AeroGarden Tomato Plants.

This video can be found on my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  If you have issues viewing this content or any other documentation on my website please contact me.

In this Pepper Dome Update

Each season I try something new in the Geodesic Bio Dome.  This year, my heart sings with anticipation as I nurture the Jay’s Peach HOT PEPPER, a verdant marvel waiting to bloom. From its humble seed, nurtured under the gentle gaze of lights and warmth indoors, this botanical treasure flourished. Once it reached a height of three inches, adorned with delicate leaves, I escorted it to the sanctuary of the dome greenhouse, tenderly watching over its growth. Every step is imbued with care, for the joy of witnessing its germination knows no bounds.

Stevia in Hydroponics

This enchanting journey mirrors the thrill and simplicity I experienced nurturing Stevia I grew this winter / spring in the hydroponics set up.

  • Pot-o’Peno Jalapeño Pepper
  • Jays Peach BHUT JOLOKIA
  • Tomato – Cherry Red AeroGarden
  • Little Napoli Tomato (started in hydroponics Indoors)

I have a few dozen other edible plants I grew from seed this season that I hope to list and document soon.  Be sure to bookmark this page to stay up to date or feel free to email me.

Dome in April
Dome Before Sunset in April

Let’s Connect

Because of all the growing I do this time of year (who am I joking.. pretty much year-round growing) I have a hard time keeping in touch on social media.  Please be sure to direct any questions or comments you have for me on my website.  I LOVE hearing about what you are growing and what you think of what I share so do tell in the space below.

It’s GOING TO BE another fantastic growing year so be sure to bookmark my site to stay up to date. 

Happy Gardening,

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