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Show and Tell in Dome Featuring New Bulbs for 2017 Garden

Each year it is super fun to collect new summer plants I grow from bulbs and tubers.  In today’s post, I do a show and tell in the dome featuring new bulbs for the garden.

Show and Tell New Bulbs Video

The cool bulbs I found locally are so awesome I had to share them on a video today.  Check out this Upright Elephant Ear I’m planting. It is huge.  I share in the video how I keep organized and tag them so be sure to watch below.  Later I will do an update on tagging these bulbs in mass quantities.  I hope you will check out this fun post and tell me what you think about the purchases.  Do you buy bulbs in bulk?  Watch for Canna, Elephant Ear, and Caladium bulbs in this video feature below.

Play Video

Show and Tell In The Dome Featuring New Bulbs for 2017 on Creative Gardening playlist.  IF you are on YouTube look me up at BrenHaas.  I share lots of creative videos on my Bren Haas Channel.

Images of the New Bulbs

I love taking photos just as much as I love doing live streams.  Below you will find some of my favorite photos from today’s adventure in the Geodesic Bio-Dome.

It is still ‘Winter’ in my Hardiness Zone

winter drive to get bulbs

Keep in mind I am putting these in my dome so they will be safe in my hardiness zone.  If you have a garage that is somewhat heated you could always start these same plants in there.  Keep the containers on a chart so you can wheel them out to the sun during the warm days.  It is totally possible to enjoy these varieties almost year-round with the right space.  All of these stay mostly green in my dome year-round.

Let’s Connect

Have you grow any new Elephant Ears, Cannas, or Caladium? I’d love to connect with you so please comment on my website.  I am looking forward to sharing more about my spring gardening so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas


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