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growing citrus

Creative Growing Citrus in a Greenhouse During Summer Heat

Everything about the 20-foot geodesic biodome greenhouse is AMAZING! In today’s post, I share a growing update featuring summer and citrus growing. After leaving for five days when the summer heat hit my area. Be sure to check out the video and creative images featuring the citrus highlighted in today’s post. Summer Citrus Growing Video

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Mastering The Art of Vegetable Gardening Book Review

Mastering the ART of Vegetable Gardening Book Review

This is not your grandmas gardening book trust me… this publication by Matt Mattus will be your favorite.  Filled with creative images and growing information featuring the latest growing techniques and varieties.  This post is my honest review of Mastering the ART of Vegetable Gardening. Mastering The Art of Vegetable Gardening Book Review hardcover book

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Creative Living & Growing with Bren Haas Website

Days Hours Minutes Seconds Welcome To My Website!  Topics For This Week Dome Greenhouse  Check out the latest post featuring what is happening in the 20 foot geodesic bio dome. Growing Edibles Growing Edibles indoors during the cool season is easy and fun! Seed Starting Indoors Seed reviews for 2023 and how to start them

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dome art in winter

First Snow Storm in the Greenhouse Dome

In today’s video, we walk out to the greenhouse/dome to inspect after our first significant amount of snowfall in Northwest Ohio for winter 2018/19. Experience what it is like in the north to walk through the winter snow and end up in a garden paradise filled with all sights, sounds, and scents of Spring. First

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Goldfish or Koi

Introducing the NEW Goldfish to the Winter Koi Pond

In today’s post, I share my latest video featuring the new fish I added to my small greenhouse pond.  Check out the video featuring how to Acclimate the new fish to your pond.  The video also shows how to tell a Koi from a Goldfish. Introducing The New Fish In the small pond I have in

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My Bouquet Rose in Container

Growing a My Boutique Container Rose

Sometimes the most memorable surprises are found in the most unusual places. In today’s post, I share growing a My Boutique Container Rose. My Bouquet Rose The solid yellow bloom of this My Boutique Rose is one of those surprises like many of the other barefoot roses I found this summer stuffed in plastic bags

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Summer Fresh Herbs and Vegetable Rotini Salad Recipe

In today’s post, we are cooking up the super greens via Ronzoni pasta.  Featured in the content on this page find the Summer Fresh Herbs and Vegetable Rotini Salad Recipe Summer Fresh Herbs Rotini Salad Recipe Sneaking in the greens never was so easy!  Be sure to take this super tasty salad to our next family get together.

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Anaheim peppers with little helper

Anaheim Pepper: The Complete Guide

One of the first peppers I ever grew in my home garden was the Anaheim pepper. In this article, I share a complete guide to the Anaheim Pepper. Anaheim Pepper Growing Tips Anaheim peppers do best in full sun in outdoor gardens once the temperature is above 75*F.  This pepper does well in the southern states

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my instagram at Bren Haas

Let’s Connect on Instagram | Bren Haas

Hey Guys – Let’s Connect on Instagram. Welcome to my Instagram Feed here on my website.  I’m excited to connect with you so be sure to hit the FOLLOW button or click over and subscribe to my newsletter for the latest. In this post, you will see updates from Bren Haas Instagram. Let’s Connect on

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