Water Hyacinth Blooming in my Dome Garden Pond

Remember that feeling when you see a plant in your home garden blooming for the first time? In this post today I share the Water Hyacinth Blooming in my Dome Garden Pond.  Enjoy a fun little video featuring my Pup and the bloom as we found it! There are also some fun facts I found about the water hyacinth in this post.

Water Hyacinth Video

This video was fun and totally real.  The video record as it happened and that is what you will see.  EXCITING to see this bloom in my dome garden for the first time EVER! Watch and enjoy the video and don’t forget to tell me what you think about the bloom.

This video is on my YouTube and Facebook Page.  Be sure to check out where to find me on my About Page or just search @brenhaas on social.

About the Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth Blooming in My Home Garden Pond
Water Hyacinth

The Eichoohrnia Crassipes (Water Hyacinth)

There is plenty of research and documentation about the water hyacinth on university extension websites.  Find yours on my Extension Offices List and search ‘water hyacinth’ on their site.  I am will bet money on this plant being invasive (on the naughty list) in your state so be sure to read up on how to grow this plant properly. The Water Hyacinth is NOT native to North America.  It was brought here as an ornamental plant from the Amazon.

Images of the Water Hyacinth

Below are a few of my favorite photos from my home garden that were mentioned in the featured video.

water hyacinth blooming

In the video, I talk about our big pond.  Here is a photo of Oliver coming out of the 1/4 acre pond on our property here in Ohio.  The pup loves swimming in the pond so it is important to keep it healthy.

Highlights From My Home Garden

Here are some highlights mentioned in the featured video. Click through and check out attached links.

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I am super excited that you took the time to read my blog post today and check out what I had to share. I would love it if you would leave feedback on my blog post.  Don’t be shy.. but if you are shy just click over to my contact page and leave a long message. Happy Water Gardening, Bren Haas

6 thoughts on “Water Hyacinth Blooming in my Dome Garden Pond”

    • Oh wow.. what an honor to have you gals stop by! We need to plan a fun event in the gardens here next summer. ((stay tuned!!!))

  1. Beautiful! This is my favorite water plant. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing things grow inside your dome!

    • HEY YOU.. thank you so much for stopping by my site and commenting. I’ll be sure to share more from the dome with some ideas on what you can grow that might fit your busy lifestyle in the months to come so stay tuned. ((hugs)) 🌸

  2. I love seeing the water hyacinth surprise. Bloom surprises are so awesome for a gardener. I think the Dome is why it matured enough in Ohio to bloom for you. And it is a way for a plant to signal a thank you, “I am happy here.”


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