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Colocasia (Elephant Ears) growing in my Garden

Elephant Ears Colocasia Growing in My Home Garden

In this post I share a few of my Elephant Ears (or Colocasia plant) growing in my home garden.  The video features what the plants look like in various conditions including growing in containers. Growing Elephant Ears (Colocasia) Video Join me as we check out a few gorgeous Elephant ears containers in the landscape.  This

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tidy rose tomato

New Home Garden Tomato Varieties

In this post I am sharing the new home garden tomato varieties I started from seed this year.  You will find an update later in the season as the tomato produces fruit.  One of the tomato plants I started just 2 months ago has a few fruits on them already so please read on…. New

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At Last in Full Bloom

At Last Rose Review

Be sure to scroll down and check out my video featuring this rose as it blooms in my geodesic dome garden.  I think you will be impressed with the At Last Rose in this Review on my website. At Last Rose Introduced to home gardeners a few years ago and is a best seller online

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Great Side Dish or Meal

Super Grains and Roasted Butternut Squash

With a few simple ingredients like fresh herbs, veggies, and grain you can eat fast and healthy.  This is a recipe I enjoy when I’m super busy and have some butternut squash on hand. Super Grains and Roasted Butternut Squash Recipe For this recipe you will need the following ingredients: 1-1/2 cups of chopped uncooked butternut squash salt

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slices of lemon cake

Lemon Cake Recipe

Harvesting Improved Meyer Lemons today in the dome. The Geodesic biodome always smells amazing from the fresh citrus harvest in my Ohio winter. Can you believe it is winter and we are enjoying fresh citrus?  In this post, I share my favorite Lemon Cake Recipe and some tips on growing your own.

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landscape photo of dome in november

First Snow Year Five Dome Update

In this post, I share what’s going on in the Geodesic Dome for the first snow in year five.  I share tips and tricks for making the dome garden the place to be for gardening as the snow arrives. First Snow I still can’t believe this is my fifth year growing in the dome year-round. 

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Super fun growing coffee trees

About Coffea Arabica Plant

Coffea arabica or better known as the Arabian Coffee Plant.  Who would have guessed I’d find such a unique plant at Aldi while grocery shopping?  Well actually, I am not because Aldi has some great finds.  In this post, I am sure with you my experience growing the Coffee Plant. About My Coffea Arabica Plant

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summer romance yellow mandevilla

Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla In My Home Garden

In this post, I share how the Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla makes it easy to be lazy.  You will find videos and images with fun facts about this amazing plant. Don’t miss my recommendation and rating of this plant at the bottom of the post. Fun Facts About The Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla Below are

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Blue Pearl Succulent in a Container Landscape

Fun Facts About the Blue Pearl Succulent In My Home Garden

In this post, I share a plant that does best with some stress in the sun.  This is my new blue pearl succulent that is in the Graptoveria family.  You will find a video and images below. Fun Facts About the Blue Pearl Succulent The first question I had was ‘what is a Graptoveria’.  Luckily,

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summer on the patio with cheese spread

Fresh Herb Cheese Recipe

The best recipes begin in the home garden.  In today’s post, I share my homegrown Herb Cheese Spread Recipe.  This is a fresh herb ‘Boursin’ brand like cheese recipe you will love.  There are many creative recipes you can add this spread to giving it that extra zing of flavor.  I encourage you to check

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dome gardenchat roses tomatoes

Tomato Starters, Tea Tree and Roses GardenChat Live

Beautiful day in May means it is garden time.  In today’s live stream we cover Tomato Starters, Tea Tree and Roses GardenChat Live Tomato Starters, Tea Tree and Roses GardenChat Live Streaming live in the 20-foot geodesic biodome on this beautiful day in May.   Find out more about the dome on this website. The uncut

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