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February Dome Garden Sunset

Geodesic Bio Dome February Update

This time of year is one of the most exciting in the Geodesic Bio Dome.  The sun is getting higher in the sky which means more sunshine in this growing space. In this post find loads of images and notes about what to expect in February. https://youtu.be/w6dScW3iQeI This video can be found on my Bren

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New Dome Gardening

New Year in the Geodesic Bio Dome

In this post I share a very happy start to the new year in the Geodesic Bio Dome.  Wait until you see the new plants that are blooming and all the sunshine.  It is hard to believe it was the coldest day in the new winter season. New Year in the  Geodesic Bio Dome Video

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Geodesic Bio Dome in December

Geodesic Bio Dome December Update

In this post I share my Geodesic Bio Dome December Update.  Video and images from todays experience in the dome are featured here. Geodesic Bio Dome December Update Video This video is part of my Geodesic Bio Dome experience.  I document this information on my website under dome categories. This video is also part of

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dome in the meadow in summer

Summer in The 20′ Geodesic Bio Dome Update Video

For some it maybe hard to understand why anyone would want to grow in a geodesic dome during the summer.  In this post I share a video, images and my top reasons summer can be amazing in a 20′ geodesic bio dome. Summer In The 20′ Geodesic Bio Dome Video As each season passes it

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Outside the Dome in September

The September Geodesic Dome Garden Report

Can you believe it is September already?  One look at the plants thriving in the dome and you would think it is July in Ohio.  Today I share a video update and images featuring The September Geodesic Dome Garden Report. September Geodesic Bio Dome Report with Bren Haas V-log https://youtu.be/cW_sGN6Z9-8 Swimming in the pond… you’ll

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toad eating bugs in winter dome

Mr. Toad Spends the Winter in The Geodesic Bio Dome

First spotted in the dome sporting a very dark skin mainly because he was hiding out in the mulch that covers the floor.  I have not seen Mr. Toady in a few months so I wasn’t sure if he had left while we had the door open moving rocks in back in November.  What a

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door open for air flow

Heat Wave Growing July In The Geodesic Bio Dome Garden

In this post, I share a fun video from the geodesic dome garden in the hot summer dry months.  You’ll love the highlights and of course some fun year-round survival growing tips. July in The Geodesic Bio Dome Garden One of the first questions I get about growing in the geodesic biodome in the summer

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tomatoes are getting taller

My First June in the Geodesic Bio Dome

This is my first summer growing in the 20′ Geodesic Bio-Dome.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to growing in this controlled space.  In today’s post, I will highlight some of the vegetables, perennials, and herbs growing here in NW Ohio.  I hope you check out the images and video here. My Frist June

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Growing Year-Round in a Geodesic Bio Dome Garden

So you want to grow year-round … or maybe just make your neighbors jealous with an amazing self-sustainable growing structure in your backyard?  We started growing a garden year-round in a 20 foot dome here in Ohio back in October 2015 when two friends I met on Social Media drove from New Hampshire to help

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20 foot geodesic bio dome lite up for Autumn

Growing Year-Round : New Adventure in a Geodesic Bio Dome

The coolest thing about living in Ohio is we get to experience the four seasons.  I love it when it snows and I can still keep on gardening. The not so cool thing is most everything dies or goes dormant for the winter and you can’t grow anything outside in the garden.  In this post,

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Harvesting Strawberries in Autumn

Strawberry Plant Growing Tips

Strawberry Harvest in Autumn Everyone loves a juicy, sweet strawberry treat in early summer. In today’s post I share how strawberry plant growing tips I’ve learned over the years of growing them just about every way possible.  Everything from in the ground, containers, and year-round dome.  My Strawberry Plants My plants growing began about five

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