Bren’s Dome Garden Update For April Featuring a Vlog!

In this post I share my weekly video blog featuring what is growing on in the greenhouse dome.  You will see tips on new tomato seed starter care and creative hanging baskets with Mangave.

Greenhouse Dome Garden Update for 4th Week of April

I love sharing updates from the greenhouse dome.  Today was super fun because the temperature in the dome was perfect!  Overcast skies but the dome was sunny letting in the amazing filtered UV rays as you will see in the video.  Below the video I will share the temperature readings for the dome this day.  Be sure to scroll down to check it out.


My video is at Bren Haas YouTube Channel.


In the video feature you will see what Mangave will do with little to no care!  Below is that Inkblot Mangave I’ve had in my garden since 2017.  Look at the color on that baby!!!

Inkblot Mangave

Seed Surprise

seed starters in transplanter

Many of the seeds I started this year were from 2014 and even later so I didn’t expect them to grow.  The seed grew in a 3″ container and now need to be transplanted as they put on more than 4 leaves and 1 inch tall.  I show some of these seeds in my video today.


Here is a copy of the temperature readings outside and in the dome.  It is really nice to look at how the weather and sunlight effects things growing in my little world dome.  The chart on the left is in the dome and the right is our weather station outside.

graphs with weather forecast

I need to do a blog post featuring the Temp Stick App we use and the Acrite Weather Station on our property.  Let me know if you are interested in hearing more.

Let’s Connect

Thank you for checking out my blog post and video today!

Dome Update with Bren Haas

In the video I hint of adding a video about my Mangave planting tips and also bug control so stay tuned for those updates as time allows.  Be sure to subscribe to my Newsletter for updates on upcoming videos and more.

I look forward to connecting with you soon,

Bren Haas

napping Puppy

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