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Northern Light Home Greenhouse

In this post I share details about my very first greenhouse which was the Northern Light Greenhouse.  The structure debuted on Gardener Supply Company.

Northern Light Greenhouse

The photo above shows my first summer growing around and in the greenhouse.  By late July in the structure everything is cleared out. It is too hot in this structure for anything to survive except maybe some drought-tolerant succulents.

About The Greenhouse

I’m going to tell you right up front that the greenhouse model I feature in this blog is not available and has been discontinued through Gardener Supply Company.  My greenhouse was purchased on ebay.com from the original owner for $350.  The structure was still under warranty at the time of purchase with a value of  $4,000.  If I had a quarter for every time someone through my website at BGgarden.com  has asked me where I purchased mine and have enough for a brand new one.

construction of the greenhouse

This model features a tough, rust and corrosion-free aluminum frame, and rigid polycarbonate double glazing that seals in warmth and moisture. 6-mil polycarbonate glazing is 50% thicker than you’ll find in most greenhouses. Retains more heat for an earlier start in spring.  Heat-sensitive vents open automatically to prevent overheating, even when you’re away. The roomy 10′ x12′ interior has over 7′ of headroom at the peak. Big enough to accommodate benches and shelves full of plants. Large 2’x3′ roof vent allows excess heat to escape.

construction of the Greenhouse
Bunny Barn
Wintering Over Plants

Let’s Get Growing

The really great thing about a home greenhouse is you can get a head start in late winter to spring.  Starting seeds in the greenhouse is a must.

Growing Year-Round

Follow my latest adventures in Growing Year-Round on the link below. 

Let’s Connect

I hope this information inspires you to think about extending your growing season.  Be sure to connect with me b y commenting below to ask questions.  You are also welcome to reach out to me on my social media and website.

Happy Greenhouse Growing,

Bren Haas

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