Cold Crops To Grow During The Winter

In this post discover cold crops to grow during the winter months. Be sure to click to the bottom to leave comments and check out Brens’ recommended crops.

Growing Cold Crops During The Winter

Having fresh herbs and vegetables to enjoy during the winter months is everyone’s dream, wouldn’t you agree?  I’ve never met someone who didn’t appreciate growing their own.  Below are a few tips to get you started when growing cold drops during the winter months.  If you have questions please connect on my website.

Important Notes 

I need to get some documenting updates so please bookmark this page as I added to it in the days to come.  If you aren’t seeing what you are looking for please reach out to me on my website or this blog post.

  • During the presentation, Pam of Growing North and Bren shared these links.
    Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius using this Chart: http://www.wbuf.noaa.gov/tempfc.htm
  • Geodesic Bio Dome Information: Link
  • Weather Station to document daily temperatures
  • Solarwrap
  • Triple Wall Greenhouse Covering

Cold Crops

Below are the plant’s Pam and I discussed during the 1-hour presentation that we recommend during the winter season in a dome or covered greenhouse.



Lettuce is a plant that will LIVE  in cold but needs light to “grow”.  A few of my favorite lettuces to grow are Sandy, Buttercrunch and Mesclun. I have been growing lettuce during the winter months for over 10 years successfully.



There are many different varieties of arugula.  Most of the new varieties are easy to grow quickly unlike the native plant.  Arugula is one of my top 3 MUST grow in the geodesic biodome during the winter season.

Brassicas: Cabbage, Broccoli, and Kale

These plants need space for their roots but grow wonderfully during the cold season. I enjoy the fresh and sweet flavor that these plants have when grown in the cool season.

The image above is Russian Kale growing in my geodesic biodome during the early days of Winter.


Will live in cold, but needs more light to “grow”.


Radishes are my go-to plant.  I recommend radishes to everyone because they are super easy to grow and can be eaten in roughly 30 days after planting the seed.

Peas (shoots)


Collard Greens

Pac Choy

my bok choy starters from indoors to dome


Most of the herbs that live in the geodesic dome and greenhouse are there to live.  New growth will begin once the temperatures rise well above freezing and days get longer with the sun.

parsley starters coming up in winter garden

  • Parsley / Celery
  • Vit Mache (Corn Salad)
  • Rosemary 
  • Borage 
Borage in the Winter Kitchen Garden
Borage in the Winter Kitchen Garden


Lets Connect

Are you anxious to garden year-round or just want a cool place to enjoy fresh greens? Do you grow year-round in a hoop, greenhouse or dome? I’d love to connect with you so please comment below.

Happy Gardening,



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  1. Thanks for the information. Do I put new dirt in my cold frame or put it in my garden?

    • Thank you for stopping by my site. I will answer your question ASAP… I am working on finding some photos and video that better explains how I personally grew in a cold frame. I’ll share more ASAP!


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