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New GardenChat Twitter Heading Into Spring 2019

Are you interesting in learning to grow something and enjoy Twitter?  In this post learn how you can connect with others who enjoy gardening using Twitter.  The event is called GardenChat and everyone is welcome to join in!

Join The Conversation

It all began in 2010 as Twitter users joined the conversation on the hashtag #gardenchat.   Be a part of the 2019 GardenChat growing season.  it is super easy to join in on mobile or desktop using Twitter.  I don’t think I can express enough on how Twitter can get crazy.  By following a few simple tips I use you can stay focus on the growing fun.

More… because I know Twitter can be confusing. Don’t let the fast pace of Twitter home feed scare you away.  In my latest post, I share how you can drown out the noise by using lists.  I recommend following GardenChat List for all gardening and @thegardenchat account for event details.  Please keep in mind Twitter has its own mind!

Important To Remember

  1. The best way to see all GardenChat information is to only engage with those you trust and the official GardenChat accounts. The official Twitter accounts associated with this event and website at @brenhaas and @thegardenchat.
  2. Follow the hashtag feed with caution.  ANYONE can post anything on that stream at any time.  The best way to follow the conversation is to click on questions posted by @thegardenchat during the scheduled event or after.
  3. If you get lost .. don’t panic.  Just click on the official host account @thegardenchat or this website for the weeks topic question information.  Each week there is a new blog post featuring the topic with questions and schedule.
  4. GardenChat participants are always welcome to reach out to Bren Haas on her site for information.
  5. Recap Video will be posted after the event featuring my picks from the #gardenchat Twitter event.

What’s New Heading Into Spring

It’s going to be an exciting growing year so don’t miss out.  Below are some of the highlights for the next 3 months on Twitter GardenChat.

Find the official calendar on the GardenChat page featured on this website. 

What to Expect

During this, 1-hour Twitter event you can count on the fun conversation from others using Twitter.  The host (Bren Haas  – me) will be sharing my own personal information along with facts I’ve found online based on the topic.  At the end of the event, a detailed recap will be featured on each blog post.

Let’s Connect

Don’t miss out on upcoming topics and more coming from the garden world.  Connect with the administrator of this event on Bren Haas contact page or reach out on social media @thegardenchat.  Be sure to submit your topic ideas by clicking over to GardenChat request form. 

See you On Monday Twitter,

Bren Haas

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