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Connecting garden enthusiasts around the world using social media. A great place to grow your social media following in the garden world is by participating on #gardenchat scheduled event every Monday.  This week we are discussing Starting Seeds Indoors.

9 – 9:15 pm. ET

Meet and Greet Time!

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Questions For This Event
Question 1 Do you start seeds indoors? #gardenchat
Question 2 What are your favorite seeds to start indoors? #gardenchat
Question 3 What is the best soil to use for starting seeds indoors?  #gardenchat
Question 4 What container do you recommend to grow seeds indoors?  #gardenchat
Question 5 Do you use grow lights or a heating mat to grow indoors?   #gardenchat
Question 6 Do you have to fertilize your new plants started indoors?  #gardenchat
Question 7 What is the best way to know when to start seeds indoors? #gardenchat
Question 8 When do I plant the new plants started from seed outdoors?  #gardenchat
Question 9 Do some seeds require direct sow and can not be started indoors? #gardenchat
Question 10 Do you share your garden on a website? Please share the link so we can connect! #gardenchat

Seed Giveaway Tonight

Seed Giveaway on #gardenchat

  • Winner will be announced at the end of the #gardenchat LIVE event.
  • Must have USA or Canadian Shipping Information.
  • Winner must contact @bg_garden ( gardenchat host ) by 2/3/2016 with shipping in order to receive seeds or will be disqualified.

Twitter Participant with the most RT’s on image featuring what they grow from seed wins the seed selection featured above. 

( includes person collection of sunflower from GardenChat with Bren @BG_Garden , Hijinks Pumpkins, Orange Blaze Peppers, Chef’s Choice Pink Tomatoes )

 Continue the Conversation at 10 p.m. ET 

Video at : #gardenchat LIVE with Bren 

Please click over to the BLAB to watch live during the scheduled time :

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