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On this page learn how to connect, share and grow with folks around the world using social media.


Are you a Facebook user?  Contact Bren Haas to be added to this private group where members share personal stories about their home garden and more.  This is a private group so be sure to connect with Bren to be able to join the fun.  The highlights of being in the Facebook Group 

  • Connect with other Facebook users who love to share personal gardening stories.
  • GardenChat Facebook Group is a LEARNING experience using the new feature called Units.  Units are a great way to be organized in the group and learn from a lesson plan that is super easy to navigate.
  • Weekly watch parties featuring fun gardening videos where you can watch and comment along in the private group.
  • Learn tips on how to use Facebook from GardenChat Group Administrator Bren Haas on the connected Facebook Page.


Every Monday 9-10 p.m. ET on Twitter.  This is an OPEN chat meaning anyone can join the conversation.  You will want to follow @thegardenchat which is the official Twitter account ran by Bren Haas.   Learn how to join Twitter apps and browsers in videos below.

GardenChat Schedule

Click on schedule event for links and additional details about the events. Interested in being a guest host, sponsor or requesting a topic click here to fill out the request form.


 Having trouble viewing this calendar?    Contact Bren for more information.



Let’s Connect

First of all, connect with us on your favorite social media platform.  Do you have a question about #GardenChat or would you like to submit an idea for an upcoming topic for our live show or Twitter events?  Above all, Be sure to sign-up on the mailing list so you get all the latest information including events, giveaways, and promotion opportunities.  Because your opinion and feedback is important I’ve created this form for you to easily connect.

See you on GardenChat,

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