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First Poppies in My Home Garden

What is the most difficult plant you thought you never could grow?  For me it is the poppy. In today’s post I am sharing a few photos of the Poppies I am excited to grow in my home garden.


I walked around the corner of one of my gardens this week and literally gasped….. I can’t believe these made it through the winter. Look how unusual they are when they come up in the Spring.  These are my Peach Oriental Poppies.

The Poppies are herbaceous perennial flowers.  I grew them because it was something I’ve wanted to do for years.  We had beautiful orange poppies growing in our first home and I managed to kill them.  Not sure what I did wrong.  I do know from the experience that this plant doesn’t like to be moved once established.  Do not prune it back in the Autumn just let it do its thing.

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This post is short and sweet just like the poppies.  Are you inspired to grow some of your own? Please consider doing so and commenting on my blog post here.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

5 thoughts on “First Poppies in My Home Garden”

  1. Your poppies are gorgeous and I’m very jealous!! I planted some from seed and I think one is growing…very excited! They are tricky to grow in my Zone 4B garden sometimes. So glad to have you on the tour and see what you’re Growing NOW! ….Really looking forward to watching your garden grow this season, too!

    1. I can’t believe they grew in my garden!!!! My seed poppies didn’t do so well so last year when I saw a few starter plants at a local garden center I grabbed them… they were green last year with no blooms and this year MAGIC!!!! I’m so excited to grow more. Thank you for doing the link party Beth – this will be a fun growing year.

  2. houseplantgurulisa

    I love poppies! My grandma always grew the old fashioned orange ones and they just filled a wild area in her yard. Brings back such good memories. Thanks for sharing it Bren!

  3. Alison Rolen

    Lovely Poppy! Beautiful color. I thought they were all red.

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