In this post I share everything I have learned growing a Madagascar Palm in my home greenhouse.   I wouldn’t mind having a few in my dome growing space in this post I share why.  Be sure to scroll down to see videos featuring this plant and growing tips.

Madagascar Palm

The Madagascar Palm was a gift from a friend who started the plant from seed.  This plant has been growing in my dome greenhouse since 2016.  It has been a treat to watch it get taller and tackle the different temperatures in my dome.  In the video below I share what the plant looks like in year 6 in my dome greenhouse.   Questions can be submitted on my website.

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About the Madagascar Palm

One important fact about this plant is it loves sunshine and heat.  I have only grown this variety in my dome greenhouse in the space that gets the most light.  The Madaascar does best in hardiness zones 9a-11.  I recommend growing it in a container so you can control the amount of water it gets and sunshine.

Keep in mind that the plant is said to be poisonous if ingested.  It is also a good idea to keep the plant up and away from traffic because of its sharp spikes.

The plant can grow to  be 10-15 feet tall and 6 feet wide over time.  This cactus also known as the Pachypodium lamerei  is from Madagascar, Africa.  If mine gets this big I will have to rebuild my dome greenhouse!

More Information about this plant can be found on the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens Website. I hope to visit this location someday in the near future to share more with you.

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