How to Care for The Christmas Cactus

There are a few basic tips that you need to know to successful grow a Christmas cactus or what many call the Thanksgiving cactus. In this post I share tips that work for me along with some fun facts about the plant.

How to Care for The Christmas Cactus Christmas Cactus

Below are a few tips I’ve learned over the years growing Christmas cactus in my home.  I’ve killed a few along the way but also had a few bloom again with some basic tips.

  1. Never let the soil dry completely out.
  2. Plant the cactus in a sandy soil.
  3. Do not place the plant in direct sun light.
  4. Provide some humidity – use a pebble tray below the plant and keep it wet.

Assortment of Colors



How to Water the Christmas Cactus

Lisa recommends during the interview that the Thanksgiving/ Christmas Cactus is watered once a week. I like to do the finger in soil test after watering making sure the top of the soil is very wet.  The cactus plants not not like to be complete dry.  Or it will looks sad and dry like mine did in the video presentation above.  Use  a watering can and pour the water directly into the soil around the plant.  Lisa also recommended taking the saucer of the container and filling it with pebbles that you will fill with water providing a micro climate for the plant indoors.   I hope you will Tweet  Lisa and ask her if anyone else in her household ever takes showers with her plants! 

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