I Survived July In The Dome!

One of the most memorable seasons in my life time was the winter of ’78 when we had a HUGE blizzard in the Midwest.  I was only six years old so all I really remember was my older brother nad his friends built this giant snow igloo in the back yard that was as tall as our garage and I wasn’t allowed to go near it!  I’m sure my mom was just being over protective but still I will never forget that structure and those extreme weather conditions we had.  My dad got us all sweatshirts that said ‘I survived the Blizzard of ’78” that year .. I wish I still ahd mine just for a keepsake.  This summer has been very extreme in Ohio.  I haven’t checked official records but it sure does feel like one of the dries summers I remember in Bowling Green, Ohio.   We’ve only had a 1/2 inch of rain in weeks and I’m honestly tired of watering everything in the landscape, outside containers and gardens.  The only place I really enjoy watering these days is in the 20’ Geodesic Bio Dome.

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It’s been a super busy and fun month in the dome.  AMAZING how so many different plants are growing together very productive.  Below is the a collection of images featuring my favorites growing in the dome today.

[alert-note]July in the Geodesic Bio Dome Video[/alert-note]

One of the first questions I get about growing in the geodesic bio dome in the summer is ‘Why are you growing in the dome in the summer time when you can grow outside?’   There are many reasons to grow under cover in a dome and in the video below I share a few of the top reasons.

Find this video and more at Gardening in the Geodesic Bio Dome Playlist on YouTube.

Is it easy to see why I LOVE growing in the dome.  It was stinking’ hot outside and yet the environment in the dome was a comfortable heat.  This is the place to grow!
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