Heat Wave Growing July In The Geodesic Bio Dome Garden

In this post, I share a fun video from the geodesic dome garden in the hot summer dry months.  You’ll love the highlights and of course some fun year-round survival growing tips.

July in The Geodesic Bio Dome Garden

door open for air flow

One of the first questions I get about growing in the geodesic biodome in the summer is ‘Why are you growing in the dome in the summertime when you can grow outside?’   There are many reasons to grow undercover in a dome and in the video below I share a few of the top reasons.

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July Geodesic Dome Garden Photos

This is my first summer growing in a geodesic biodome. I am hoping it may be easier to control the extreme heat than in the greenhouse.  I am not able to grow in the greenhouse unless I strategically place plants in the coolest zone possible in that structure.  There are not many of those little spaces in the 10’x 12′ greenhouse.  However, in the dome, I am learning there are many different spaces or growing zones available.  It is amazing how the temperature range will vary just a few feet from each container.

peppers tomatoes and roses

You would think tomatoes would do well in the dome.  So far so good but as the temperature rises to more of a tropical zone they are getting too hot.  This is so much having peppers, tomatoes, and roses blooming at the same time.

My First Fig Tree

 I am excited to be growing a fig tree for the first time and it is doing amazing.

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Is it easy to see why I LOVE growing in the dome?  It was stinking hot outside and yet the environment in the dome was a comfortable heat so far. This is the place to grow and it is so much fun learning what it can create.

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