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Hot Tub For All Seasons Outdoor Living Space

Autumn just may be my favorite time of the year to spend time outside on the bedroom deck.  It maybe 40*F and a little drizzly but the hot tub is amazing.  In this post, I share how to create a backyard space to enjoy during the cooler season.

The Deck Remodel

To be totally honest with you I didn’t even notice there was a deck on the house when we bought it back in Autumn 2002 because I was so excited about the property.  I couldn’t wait to get growing things and adding my own style with outdoor living spaces.  I am embarrassed to share this photo… YUCK! 

home in BG Ohio

This is the only photo I can find of the back deck from 2002 when we first looked at the house. The bedroom deck was one of the last outdoor living spaces we worked on so I didn’t take many photos of this space. It was a horrible design build around an old elm tree that died and an underground propane tank. The tree you see in the photo at the edge of the deck was attached by the emerald ash bore and died list most of the ash trees in Ohio.  The previous owner had cut a hole in the deck just for the tree.  The famous ‘BGgarden’ Swing was located on this deck when we moved in.  I immediately moved it out to the garden where it belonged.


This past summer we finally remodeled the deck adding a second layer for the existing hot tub and pergola.

The hot tub is a must for any gardener.  It is a great addition to your outdoor living space not to mention it will keep us away from a chiropractor. (not that they are bad or anything… they just cost money!)

Accessories You Must Have

Below area few accessories I recommend for the hot tub.  These are things we use and I find make the space even more enjoyable.

hot tub open easy

Please note this hot tub is the: Caprio / Sundance 2001 

Hot Tub Cover Lift

Must have for any hot tub is a reliable cover with lift.  We’ve had this Blue Wave lift cover on ours since day one. It’s high quality black powder-coated steel, the lift has no rust or corrosion.  Over the years we’ve had to replace the top a few times but it really makes all the difference. The cover is easy to lift and keeps the tub free of leaves and debris. I can’t imagine wrestling with a spa cover after owning this effortless accessory.  You can find it on Amazon at this link.

  • Easy-to-use spa cover lift
  • Constructed of powder-coated steel in a black finish
  • Fits most square or rectangle spas
  • Fits spas up to 8-ft wide


wind chimes on back deck

Some may think it is crazy to have windchimes so close to the house but I  love it.  These were a new addition in 2015 when the deck was brand new.  I LOVE the sound of the chimes when sitting out enjoying the hot tub. When it is super windy outside, I can faintly hear them indoors when in the back bedroom.  Find these on Amazon and have them delivered to your home this week with Prime Membership.

Landscape Around The Hot Tub Space

roses in full sun area around the hot tub deck

I must say, even to this day I am adding and moving plants and shrubs that do well or that we enjoy more than others. The evergreen shrub to the right in the photo is a Thuja occidentalis ‘bobozam’ – Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae that was from Monrovia plants.  Because inviting bees and butterflies to this space is important, we have coneflowers, roses, and catnip with the arborvitae.

Containers Around Hot Tub

Color is a must in my outdoor living space, therefore each year there are different containers with plants.  Below is a short container filled with canna, begonia, and a trailing bacopa plant.

canna and begonia in container on deck

Let’s Connect

I would love to hear from you and your outdoor cool-season adventures.  Do you own a hot tub?  Be sure to reach out on the social media links provided or @brenhaas on Twitter Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Cool Season in the Hot Tub,

Bren Haas

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