Urban Farming is Growing Effortless | Glowpear Mini Self Watering Planter

glowpear-05_elwvrsLacking space and struggling with keeping plants alive Australian technology and design firm Glowpear introduce a new Indiegogo campaign that features smart, self-watering planter that makes it easy to grow fresh organic produce in most any space of your home.  I can’t wait for you to take a look at the video feature below and tell me what you think.  Maybe this is the product that will help you finally grow your own food.

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Capture the best part of gardening…. growing and eating your own organic produce. Check out this video that brings urban gardening to a whole new level.

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  • Glowpear Mini self-watering planter makes it easy and fun to grow fresh produce from home
  • “Set and forget” self-watering technology keeps plants at the perfect level of hydration
  • Compact, contemporary, modular design integrates seamlessly into any space
  • Indiegogo campaign launched Monday, April 11 and runs through May 11, with rewards to ship in August 2016.
  • Founded by team of Australian designers with a global vision
Farmers Don't look like they use to :  Glowpear Mini Container
Farmers Don’t look like they use to : Glowpear Mini Container
Good Food begins at home ...
Good Food begins at home …
Bring Life to Your Space with Growpear mini containers
Bring Life to Your Space with Growpear mini containers

This Indiegogo campaign allows people all over the world the opportunity to be one of the first to secure a Glowpear Mini months before we’d be able to get it to them through traditional distribution.

Be sure to connect with this project by visiting their website at : Glowpear Mini Indiegogo Campaign 

[alert-announce]Do you grow your own food at home? I would love to hear from you and what you think of this Indiegogo Campaign featuring the Glowpear Mini Container.  Be sure to leave your comment below.

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