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Self Watering Systems For Home Edible Gardening

window box with self watering system

Self-watering planter makes it easy to grow fresh organic produce in almost any space of your home and garden. I can’t wait for you to take a look at the video feature below and tell me what you think.  Maybe this is the product that will help you finally grow your own food.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION – video and more content soon!  

This was a post originally about a new product that someone had contacted me about in 2015.  There are so many ways today that you can grow in a self-watering system that you can put together on a budget.  The product was expensive and honestly, I wasn’t really impressed with the design enough to have one sitting in my home.  I did a review a few years back o the Altifarm.  It really is cool engineering but not the prettiest thing for home gardeners to have indoors.  To this day I am in search of a nice-looking setup that is affordable and will actually produce enough food to ‘write’ about.   Below are a few tips and tricks you might find useful for easy edible gardening in the home.

What is ‘Self-Watering’

The use of ‘self-watering’ is totally overused in today’s marketing for home gardening.  The product really isn’t going to know when the plant needs water.  That is up to the grower.  However, there are a lot of plants that can be left in sufficient amounts of water and do well.  Below is a try of strawberries that are established and do well if in part sun with a tray of water feeding the roots.  As long as the try doesn’t go dry the berries will do well and the roots get strong.

strawberries watered at roots

Selfwatering” devices are an option for successful container gardening.

Instead of drainage holes in the bottom, these containers have an overflow hole on one side. The growing medium sits on a perforated platform directly above a water reservoir. … In most cases, water is wicked up from the reservoir into the medium.

The definition above was from the University of Maryland.

Products That Self Water

Below are a few of the products I have used for self-watering that has helped me keep my plants growing successfully.


Altifarm can be found on Amazon (or in my dome garden) if you want to take a closer look or purchase one for yourself.  I LOVE them in my dome garden because they are a great vertical growing space.  I don’t always use the self-watering because many of the plants I have in them right now don’t need a lot of water.  The water in the lower section of the containers helps create a nice humidity effect and also helps hold passive heat in the winter.

LED Habitat

The LED Habitat is a well-made structure featuring self-watering trays I love to use for my microgreens and starting herbs indoors.  You can find more about them and even purchase on Amazon.  They have a beautiful website with other creative indoor LED products.  I have spoke with the founder of this site and highly recommend all her products because they have done extensive research with LED as of 2016.  Find them on social media as well as their website at LED Habitat.

Stay Tuned

I have been also using these self-watering products in my home and hope to have a video with a post featuring them on my site soon.

  • Lechuza Products
  • AeroGarden

Daily I am working on new ways to grow Year-Round successfully and sharing this content on my website.  Please be sure to follow my site and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter.

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