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Raised Bed Gardening
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Welcome to Growing4Seasons Page on Creative Living with Bren Haas Website. Growing4Seasons is dedicated to teaching others how to grow plants year-round. Whether you grow under lights in your home, a dome, tunnel, or greenhouse this is the place to connect.

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What do you want to grow?  I’d love to hear from you so be sure to check my presentations weekly on this site.  Growing year-round is my passion and I’ve been sharing about what I do in hardiness zone 5b since 2008.  Growing everything from succulents to citrus trees is easier then you may think.

Sign up now for webinars, tutorials, and updates featuring the latest technology to grow plants year-round. Be sure to connect below to be included in the private Facebook group and email list where you can connect with others about growing year-round.

Let’s Connect!

Are you growing plants year-round or interested in learning? Be sure to subscribe to my Bren Haas Newsletter which has a detailed section about growing year-round.  Thank you for taking the time to connect today.  I look forward to growing with you.

Happy Year-Round Gardening,

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