Microgreen in My Autumn Garden

heart micogreens in autumnToday we are in the kitchen garden outside of the sunroom of my home.  This area faces the north so it doesn’t get a lot of sun.  I decided to do a video featuring the microgreens I am growing this Autumn. In this post, I share a video featuring tips on how to grow Microgreens in the autumn garden.

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I love creating videos featuring creative things to grow.  You can find me on Bren Haas  YouTube Channel.  If you happen to be a YouTube user be sure to subscribe to my channel showing support.  I appreciate the love!

Microgreens for Autumn

autumn window box

Honestly, I didn’t expect those Spicy Salad mix seeds to grow much less provide a HUGE harvest.  This crop has been producing since 7 days after they were sown.  I’ve used the spicy salad mix as an addition to table salads as well as on eggs, and even onions, garlic with steak.  I share my microgreen recipes on my site so take a look.

I recently ordered a few more microgreen varieties I think will do great in the early winter season in my dome. I will be planting a few in the window box just to see if they will grow.  This is actually kind of exciting – don’t you think?!  I will keep you posted when the seeds arrive and when these start to grow.  In the video, I mention the little cloth bags you can get on Amazon.  I will do a blog post featuring these grow bags on my blog soon.

Let’s Connect

I can’t wait to hear if you were inspired to grow some of your own Microgreens.  Please let me know what you thought of this planting and the tips I shared.  You can reach out to me on my website and the social media links provided below.   I hope to connect with you soon about microgreens.

Happy Microgreen growing,

Bren Haas

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