The snow sure is pretty even if it is mid-Autumn.  In today’s share check out my v-log featuring the first snow in my garden.

First Snow 2019 V-Log

I had to check the records on Weather.org to see if today’s snowfall was a record-breaker.  It appears we had snow in my area in October 1989.  That is ok, I am enjoying the snow most likely because my home and garden are ready for winter.  Check out my video featuring Creative Living v-log First Snow.

Do you enjoy the snow?  What do you think of the critter box and my Bald Cypress Story?

In This First Snow v-log

Snow Begins

It has been a fun day watching everyone on Facebook share their winter stories.  I am seeing mostly negative feedback about the ice and snow.  I guess I am happy about the snow because I am ready for it and can stay indoors – expect to take Ollie out to go Potty.  In today’s video I mention the topics below:

  • Bald Cypress 

I went looking for the oldest image I have of that Bald Cypress and found this image taken by the original owner of the property who planted the tree.  This photo was taken in 1982.  How COOL is that?!  Check out the pond behind it the tree.

Bald Cypress 1982

  • Heated Kitty Condo  I need to share more about the kitty ‘headquarters’ on the front porch of our home. I will do my best to make a video about this soon.  Be sure to remind me!
  • Balcony This summer my husband spent a few weeks making his balcony off the office upstairs.  It turned out awesome and I’ll tell you that this part of the house will most likely withstand anything the weather can throw at it.  My husband did the math and the balcony is rated at 10K pounds.   I really need to do a post with a video about the construction of this BEAST!  If you are interested in finding out more please let me know!  Here is a sneak peek at the design featuring a tip.  The design layout my husband used was from a home improvement book.  He changed the bottom of the railings making an opening at the bottom for easy snow removal.  All the posts are 3 inches apart.  I might have photos of snow on the balcony in the days to come if it keeps on snowing so stay tune.

Puppy playing on Balcony

Let’s Connect

I would love to hear from you so be sure to comment on this post sharing what did you think of this v-log featuring first snow?  Did you get snow in November?  Connect with me on my contact page and I’ll email you back personally as time allows.

Happy Gardening and Stay Warm,

Bren Haas

4 Responses

  1. love the video. Oliver is sure having dog gone good time in the snow. My kitty kitty not so much. I need to put my boots on and play in the snow with him. Your kitty condo is amazing. Husbands are wonderful inventions. 🙂 Good job.

    1. Thank you, Sally, for sharing your kitty with me on the comments today. I am not sure I have shared this but we have had alot of kitties here on the ‘farm’ and the only cat I can think of that loves the snow is Boo Kitty. He is a Himalayan mix we adopted from my niece. I’ll have to share a video of him playing in the snow. It really is the cutest thing ever.

  2. Although the video is last years, it’s a wonderful video. Your property is well maintained nature wonderland. Oliver is so cute running around non stop. Your cats look warm and well taken cared. Nice looking deck. You said your husband made an opening for easy snow removal. Is it also prevent your doggie’s toys to go down? I see Oliver is playing with his toy. I love your walkway. Did you place them yourself? We want to do next year like yours. Thank you again for sharing the snow. It’s beautiful as long as I am not driving.

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment Tomoko and spending time on my site. I appreciate your kind words. My husband made the balcony and spaces the railing so that the puppy could play with a toy without it falling through to the lower level. He also made the deck so that it could withstand the weather and hold about 40 average-sized people! Let’s just say that deck is perfectly sound and not going anywhere. I really need to make a video featuring the details so you can get some ideas for your home balcony. I’ll see what I can put together to share with you soon. I can post a link in this comment here so you get an email notification or you can always reach out to me on my contact page where I get an email.

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