Creative Living with Bren Haas vlog Adventures

Did you know you can find me on YouTube creating videos? Actually, I have two channels after re-branding myself. I’m hoping to learn more about video production and share more about myself on my website.  In this post, you will find my latest vlog adventure: Creative Living with Bren Haas.

Creative Living with Bren Haas vlog Adventures

Below you will find my latest video logging.  I enjoying sharing candid as events take place so forgive me if the quality isn’t the best. I do however try to upload in 4K which is nice to view on the large screen.  Creative Living and Growing Adventures update on the playlist featured here:

Video on my YouTube Channel. If you are having trouble viewing on my site My Bren Haas YouTube Channel is easy to find.

What is a Vlog

Video blogging is basically the future online and offline.  Seriously, does anyone just sit and flip through images any more?  Video is today and I hope to inspire you to learn how to get your own vlog adventures going.  A vlog is basically a video of what you would blog about.  Don’t be shy and start putting your world into video to share with the world.  Below are a few fun tips to consider when making your own vlog:

  • Be UNIQUE – Be Yourself!
  • Keep Your Content to the Point
  • Don’t be afraid to be on camera!  The more you share the EASIER it gets.
  • Use a tripod
  • Try your best to share the best quality available.  4K is recommended

Let’s Connect

Got a question about the videos or just want to connect?  It would be awesome if you leave a comment below. IF you are a YouTuber please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I also love it when you stop by my contact page and leave a message so I can add you to my Newsletter List.

Happy V-log,

Bren Haas

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