Container Vegetable Garden Idea and Growing Tips

Summer gardening in containers is convenient and allows just about anyone to enjoy home grown veggies in their outdoor living space.  I’m really excited about all the new varieties of tomatoes and peppers that are available this year that are container friendly.  In this post I’m sharing the first container filled with my favorite vegetables to enjoy on the deck and a few tips on how to grow success this season!

Peppers in Container
I just love the color of these peppers paired with the yellow annuals.

I’m a fan of peppers not only for their taste but because of their beauty! In the image above is a combo I’m really excited about this season.  I’ve paired up container peppers, tomato plant and an annual the pollinators are going to love.

Tips for Growing Veggies on Patio

  1. Make sure the plant gets enough sunshine. Most veggies require at least 6 hours of sun. Tomatoes and peppers love to get full sun so be sure to provide them with plenty of sunshine on your patio.
  2. Be sure to place the plants where they will get plenty of ventilation.  Too many plants in one container is not a good thing!
  3. Add annuals to your container or close by to welcome pollinators – this is a MUST!
  4. Don’t let the plants soil go dry. To prevent the soil from drying out be sure to add a product like Perlite which helps hold moisture in soil. Cover the surface of the potting soil in planters with a layer of natural mulch. If you purchase a patio vegetable variety from HGTV Home Plants it has the proper soil in the container to help hold moisture.
  5. Be careful to not over water the containers.  most veggie plants do not like to have their ‘feet wet’.  Soggy soil is no good!  Using a good potting soil that allows drainage is a necessity for a successful harvest.
  6. Be sure to look for varieties have are for container friendly. There is a huge selection that are just for small space gardening so check the tags!
  7. Keep and eye out for bad bugs! One things you won’t have to make a top priority with most new container friendly veggies is they are mostly diesese resistant.

Varieties I’m Growing This Year On My Deck

I’m really excited about the new container veggies by HGTV Home Plants which are conveniently available at The Andersons.

Here are a few of my favorites from HGTV Home Plants Collection.  You can find out more about them at : HGTV Home Plants

I will have a full report on how these patio veggies taste as the season arrives and it’s time to harvest on my deck here in Ohio!  Are you interested in adding a container vegetable garden to your home space?  Ask me anything … I’m happy to help you grow success.


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  1. Beautiful photo! Thank you for all the helpful tips and advices. I just moved to a new place and the new balcony seems to work perfectly good as a small garden. Your post inspired me to make the project come true as fast as possible. Wish me luck!

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