Candyland Tomato In My Home Garden

candyland in my home garden

In this post, I highlight one of my favorite currant tomatoes: Candyland.  Find a short video and images in this post.  I also share a few tips on where you can find this to grow from seed in your home garden.

Candyland Tomato in My Home Garden Video

In this short video clip, I want to show you the beautiful Candyland Tomato in my front entrance of the cut flower garden.  The fruit not only provides a showy splash of vibrant color  –  It is a super tasty snack. I enjoy while walking about the cut flower garden inside the gate.  I often plant a few border plants like shorter varieties of marigolds.  In this clip, there is a yellow annual at the base of tomatoes. The perennial hibiscus is about done blooming at the corner of the garden fence.   This video is from my late summer home garden.

Play Video

About the Candyland Tomato

Candyland never gets out of control

The Tomato Fruit Set is Indeterminate and takes 55 days to mature.  This plant can grow 3-4 feet wide.  It is classified as a currant tomato that grows quickly but neat and restrained.  Candyland has never grown lanky or out of control like most of the currant (small fruit) tomatoes I’ve grown.  It is my favorite because of the bright red fruit that splash amazing color in my garden and yet it is edible!

over 100 tomatoes with short mature date

Did I mention in the first month of growing this plant in my garden we enjoyed over 100 tasty tomatoes off of 1 plant!

cutflowers with a few tomatoes

I love mixing my cut flowers with edibles.

Home Gardening Posts

Below are a few of my favorite posts sharing about how to grow a garden at home the easy way!

Another Favorite SMALL Variety that Is Worth Growing! 

yeilds over 400 fruit in semi-compact plant

TOO PRETTY not to share…. Above is another awesome variety called ‘Shimmer’ Tomato.  These were in my garden in 2019 and I LOVED them growing in a large smart pot style raised bed.  These were from Burpee / Ball Seed company.

Get Your Candyland Tomato Plants

Google “Candyland Tomato” to find the seed. I found at Park Seeds Company and Burpee the last time I did a search. In years past I found this variety in the Bonnie Plants (live plants) section at stores locally in NW Ohio.   The selection of live plants changes often but you can at least look if you can’t find seeds to grow.  Be sure to reach out to me and I will try and send you current details on where to find the seeds.

Let’s Connect

I hope you consider growing your own from seed to enjoy the plant as it grows from Spring – hard frost in your home garden.  You will love the little hardy snack-size tomatoes it produces.  The name is super cute too!

Tweet me or Facebook at the social media links provided on this page. I can’t wait to introduce you to some of my favorite gardeners on GardenChat.

Happy Tomato Growing,

Bren Haas

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