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DIY Evergreen Hanging Basket

sunset with the red bow hanging

DIY evergreen hanging basket.  I’ve grown everything from strawberries to displaying evergreens in hanging baskets.  Putting together your own lets you share your creativity and use what you have on hand most of the time.  In today’s post, I share my Winter Evergreen Hanging Basket DIY.  Photos and a fun vlog video are featured on this page.

DIY Evergreen Hanging Basket Video

In this video check out where I get the evergreen or conifer trimmings and how much fun it is to put together.  This would be a fun activity for a family to do together.  Today my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Oliver joins me in the fun.  Watch the video below:

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This video is featured on my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  I hope you will look me up and subscribe to show support. 

Featuring the Evergreen Hanging Basket

basket on the front porch at night

The holiday greens look amazing with simple red bows.  In an earlier post, I shared how to make your own bows.  Bows are so easy to tie as this red bow feature details.

The hanging baskets I use in this project found on this page are from Amazon.  I have also seen them locally at Aldi from time to time but they sell really fast.

Over the years, it has been hard to find a nice red velvet ribbon.  If you see it sold by the yard or in a large spool GRAB IT!  Also, be sure to stop over to my website and tell me about it.  I did find some on Amazon but they just aren’t the same as finding out and about at craft stores like Hobby Lobby.

oliver and the DIY on porch

These are super easy to make.  As mentioned in the video I fill the basket with mulch.  You can also use sand if you have it on hand.  The basket only needs enough of the evergreen cuttings to be poked into and hold.  I usually fill the container about 3/4 full which maybe too much.

hanging basket DIY for Winter decorations

I hope you are excited to try to create this or something similar on your front porch! 

Other Holiday Decorations on my Website are featured below:

Oliver and the DIY

Let’s Connect

I can’t wait to hear from you and what you thought of this easy project.  If you create something special for the holidays using things from the garden please be sure to post and tell me about it.  Click over to my website to share more.

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