Spoon Tomato Review
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The spoon tomato has got to be the most unique review I have done in a long time. In this post I share my review of the smallest tomato in the world which happens to be be Spoon.  To demonstrate how small this tomato really is find images to compare similar varieties in addition to video.

Spoon Tomato Review

To illustrate how unique this variety of tomato is, I have put together a video from the summer raised bed.  The tomato plant got HUGE!!! Infact, next year this variety is going over in the big garden next to the picket fence.  As you can see in the video, the plant is gorgeous green with cute little tasty treats.  Wait until you see all the other produce that come from the same garden location in this vlog.

This video is part of my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.

About The Spoon Tomato

Spoon Tomato with Grape Varieties

Not only is the spoon tomato the cutest I grow, it happens to be the smallest in the world.  Below is a list of important and coincidently extremely interesting facts about this variety of tomato.

Clusters of Spoon Tomatoes

The spoon is a 70-day indeterminate tomato that makes the cuties little cascades of current size tomatoes.

This variety originates in Peru but nonetheless can be found worldwide because home gardeners are captivated by its characteristics. There is no doubt with its small size and great taste it is a popular heirloom variety.

spoon tomato handful of sweetness
This is my Neices' Favorite Variety in 2022

This variety has yet to be seen in local garden stores but you can naturally find the seeds online.  Some of my favorite seed providers for home gardeners are in my other reviews.  If you are not sure of the tomato variety you can use your mobile device to get a better idea.while out plant shopping.

Harvest Early Summer

Note: My seed is from my purchase at RareSeeds.com 2022.  I was able to save seeds to grow in 2023 so stay tuned! 

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In conclusion of seeing my documentation featuring the smallest tomato in the world I want to hear from you. Once again, I look forward to sharing this variety in my home garden this season.  I hope you consider growing the Spoon Tomato this season as well!

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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