Early summer means plenty of tiny homegrown tomatoes and zucchini begins to bloom in my Ohio garden.  In today’s post, I share a family favorite that is loaded with flavor and good for you!  This is my homemade Bruschetta Hummus Stuffed Zucchini recipe.

Bruschetta Hummus Stuffed Zucchini Recipe

Bruschetta Hummus Stuffed Zucchini

This vegan favorite recipe can be served as a side dish or a meal.  Be sure to take advantage of the print option available and add this to your recipe book in the kitchen.  Fresh is always best so pay close attention to links and growing tips on this post.  For the recipe, you will need the following ingredients.  I do realize it is a challenge to grow all your food but give it your best!  Even if you can grow a few zucchini plants and parsley plants during your growing season you will be hooked!

  • zucchini (washed and sliced in half length-wise.
  • tomatoes
  • red onion diced
  • sweet pepper
  • white vinegar
  • ground pepper
  •  hummus
  • basil pesto
  • olive oil
  • Italian bread crumbs (Panko Mix is amazing too)

From Garden To Kitchen

Fresh from the home garden is always best but finds from local farmers market will do!  The plate below features a mix of both.

A handful of basil from my garden means it is pesto time! 

On Top of Bruschetta Add Crumbs

Progresso PANKO Italian Crumbs is an amazing addition to this recipe.

Don’t forget the printable recipe is located below.  Enjoy!

Fresh From The Garden Is Best

This is the second year to grow squash along the picket fence in the cut flower garden. The 40’x60 garden filled with cut flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

Zucchini plants make up the Midwest garden.  It is one of the easiest crops to grow and most rewarding.  Illinois Extension office shares some great tips about Squash on their website.

The roots of the squash plants are shallow so good mulch will help productions.  I use the straw to block weeds and to hold in moisture during the hot summer months.

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Bruschetta Hummus Stuffed Zucchini

During the Summer Months I can’t get enough of fresh tomatoes… 

Let’s Connect

I’d love to hear what you do with your harvest of zucchini so be sure to comment on my website.  Do you have a favorite recipe using zucchini and other vegetables and herbs that you grow?

Happy Fresh Recipe Gardening,

Bren Haas


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