Arbequina Olive Tree In My Ohio Garden

olive tree labelHave you noticed unique trees and shrubs showing up at unusual shops in your town?  Today I share the Arbequina Olive Tree I found at the grocery store that is now growing  In My Ohio Garden.

My New Olive Tree

Hard to believe I left this tree at the curb… literally!  I was loading my groceries the other night at Krogers when I spotted this fruit tree on the curb out front for sale.  The store merchandises its seasonal garden plants outdoors.  I went home and couldn’t stop talking about this tree so my husband said ‘lets go get it!’.   I was so excited about the Arbequina Olive Tree that I brought home 2!

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Information about the Arbequina Olive Tree

Olive Tree On My Porch
The Olive Tree is about 2-3 feet tall in store-bought container

I started looking up information about this tree the minute I got in the car and was driving off away from it.  (what was I thinking?)  My husband was driving thank goodness so I could google all the way home.  Listed below are a few fun facts I found about the tree:

  • The quick producing fruit is a high concentration of healthy, antioxidant-rich oils
  • Arbequina Olive Tree is fast-growing and will flower at a young age.
  • You can plant the tree outdoors in areas with temperatures as low as 10 degrees.
  • Arbequinas are self-pollinating
  • The Arbequina Olive Tree makes the perfect indoor plant because it will not drop leaves unless it gets below 20*F.

By The Way… I looked at the Arbequina Olive tree up on Amazon and it was really expensive so I hope you can find one locally. 

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Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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