Arbequina Olive Tree In My Ohio Garden

Have you noticed unique trees and shrubs showing up at unusual shops in your town?  Today I share the Arbequina Olive Tree I found at the grocery store that is now growing  In My Ohio Garden.

My New Olive Tree

Hard to believe I left this tree at the curb… literally!  I was loading my groceries the other night at Krogers when I spotted this fruit tree on the curb out front for sale.  The store merchandises its seasonal garden plants outdoors.  I went home and couldn’t stop talking about this tree so my husband said ‘lets go get it!’.   I was so excited about the Arbequina Olive Tree that I brought home 2!

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Information about the Arbequina Olive Tree

Olive Tree in Container

I started looking up information about this tree the minute I got in the car and was driving off away from it.  (what was I thinking?)  My husband was driving thank goodness so I could google all the way home.  Listed below are a few fun facts I found about the tree:

  • The quick producing fruit is a high concentration of healthy, antioxidant-rich oils
  • Arbequina Olive Tree is fast-growing and will flower at a young age.
  • You can plant the tree outdoors in areas with temperatures as low as 10 degrees.
  • Arbequinas are self-pollinating
  • The Arbequina Olive Tree makes the perfect indoor plant because it will not drop leaves unless it gets below 20*F.

Arbequina Olive Tree Tag

By The Way… I looked at Olive tree up on Amazon and it was really expensive so I hope you can find one locally. 

More Information online at:https://gardeningsolutions.ifas.ufl.edu/plants/edibles/fruits/olives.html

Let’s Connect

I am excited to hear what you think about my new Arbequina Olive Tree so be sure to comment on my post or reach out to me on social featured on this post.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

5 thoughts on “Arbequina Olive Tree In My Ohio Garden”

  1. Darn you!! It was the same with me…it was late 7:30,seen the tree outside of Kroger and was transfixed! I stood there mind racing…’Can olive trees grow in Ohio?’ Went home, googled it you were the first listing I click-on…all night thinking about them ran out at 8:30 a.m. proud owner of 2 olive trees …Thanks ! Now what?

    • Awesome Todd – I am excited to hear your story and appreciate you sharing it on my site today. The Arbequina Olive Trees have been growing happily in my dome garden here in Ohio. The trees could have gone out on my patio but I kept them in the dome garden this year. I had some beautiful blooms on the tree in the early spring that I shared on social media. Here we are 4 months after the blooms and I have some tiny fruit growing on the tree. Let me do an update on my page here to show you how they are doing after spending a year now in the dome garden. You don’t have to keep these indoors or in a greenhouse year-round HOWEVER, you must keep them indoors for winter or they won’t survive our winters.

      Share more soon – stay tune!

  2. My beautiful olive died due unusually cold, long freeze. I’m heartbroken.

    • I am so sorry to here this. Maybe you can grow your next Arbequina Olive Tree in a container that can be moved indoors during the winter season? I hope you consider getting another one for your home and garden. I do enjoy mine which is just starting to get buds that will turn into tiny flowers soon in my dome garden.

  3. Could this be kept over winter in garage or would they need warmth and sun?


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