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Growing Year-Round in a Geodesic Bio Dome Garden

So you want to grow year-round … or maybe just make your neighbors jealous with an amazing self-sustainable growing structure in your backyard?  We started growing a garden year-round in a 20 foot dome here in Ohio back in October 2015 when two friends I met on Social Media drove from New Hampshire to help us build this really cool ‘greenhouse’.  I’ve been sharing the adventure on youtube and my website and this is the page where you can find all that information.  See the Harvest DomeNation video series I’ve contributed to with friends and lots of photos also featured on this page.

The Latest Videos From The Geodesic Bio-Dome Garden

Curious about growing in a geodesic biodome? On this page find the links to the information-packed videos from the live-streamed events and of course follow the hashtag #harvestdomenation #growing4seasons

There are many more videos hosted on YouTube so Stay TUNED as I share the content on this page! 

Dome Gardening Year-Round

The dome (built in October 2015) has provided so much exciting and adventure on our property.  Below you will find a few of my blog post with personal accounts of the journey.  It isn’t uncommon to find mention or images of the structure and what magic it holds on my network daily because it is truly our life.  ENJOY!


Dome in the Late Autumn
Ready For The Winter
dome garden in winter woods
Winter Wonderland

Latest Blog Post 

Below you will find the blog post on my website featuring the 20 foot geodesic bio dome.  Images, videos and more on these post so be sure to click over and take a look at each. 

Let’s Connect

ASK me for more details about how to build your own 20′ geodesic biodome! This has been the adventure of a life time learning and growing daily in this space. Contact to email me for help.

Each day is a new learning experience with the dome and I look forward to sharing this adventure with you. Let’s all get together for a #harvestdomenation !  

Happy Gardening,


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