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Exploring the Green Giant Arborvitae In Brens’ Home Garden

In today’s post, I am sharing fun information about the Thuja ‘Green Giant’ arborvitae growing in my landscape. This shrub was one of 4 I received for an unboxing project that turned into a conifer experiment. Green Giant Arborvitae In Brens’ Garden The Thuja standishii x plicata ‘green giant’  arborvitae This wispy 3 feet tall

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Spicy Chicken Soup Recipe

Brens’ Spicy Chicken Soup

This soup creation today has flavors from the garden you will come back for seconds for! In fact, the days I make this I have it for lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day. It isn’t too bad with a fried sunny side up egg on top.  You will love my Spicy Chicken Soup Recipe if you enjoy the southwest of salsa flavors.

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summer romance yellow mandevilla

Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla In My Home Garden

In this post, I share how the Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla makes it easy to be lazy.  You will find videos and images with fun facts about this amazing plant. Don’t miss my recommendation and rating of this plant at the bottom of the post. Fun Facts About The Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla Below are

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Grow your own tomatoes

Grow Your Own Food In Modern Victory Garden Bag

We are super lucky today and all the modern luxuries we have in the garden. In this post I share my tips on growing your own food in a modern victory Garden. Grow Your Own Food The Corona Virus has got a lot of people really thinking about where their food comes from.  Not to

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Purple Water Hyacinth

Water Hyacinth Blooming in my Dome Garden Pond

Remember that feeling when you see a plant in your home garden blooming for the first time? In this post today I share the Water Hyacinth Blooming in my Dome Garden Pond.  Enjoy a fun little video featuring my Pup and the bloom as we found it! There are also some fun facts I found

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Growing Citrus

Growing Healthy Citrus in Your Home Garden

When I look back on my years of gardening I would have NEVER imagined I would be growing citrus in Ohio.  In today’s post, I share my story on how I recommend growing healthy citrus in your home garden. Growing Healthy Citrus My very first citrus shrub that was gifted from the owner of Black

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poison ivy

Brens’ Poison Ivy Facts & Relief

Poison Ivy: Leaves of Three – Let It Be! If you have ever encountered poison ivy and have dealt with the skin irritation that most commonly follows then you know the long term lasting effects from this plant.   It almost seems unfair how poison ivy attacks.  If you are not aware of the ‘three-leaf’ warnings

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Rustic Meatloaf Recipe

Garden Fresh Rustic Meatloaf Recipe

Today’s recipe share is one I know you will love because it is simple and includes garden herbs and vegetables. Brens’s Garden Fresh Rustic Meatloaf Recipe is one you’ll want to enjoy year-round. Be sure to check out my new pressure cooker meatloaf recipe that will cut your time in 1/2 and guarantee moist and tasty

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Primrose Blooming in January

Spring Dreaming in the Brens’ Home Greenhouse

Updated March 2023 Maybe the best part about having a home greenhouse is the fact that spring comes early each year.  In this post we do some Spring Dreaming in the Home Greenhouse It Won’t Be Long I will admit the forecast of highs only reaching the low 20’s and lows in the single digits for

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