new plants in my landscape by the pond 2014Over the years I have grown some pretty amazing flowers in my garden.  In this post,I want to highlight a few of my favorites from 2014.  Check out how they grow and why I recommend them in this post.

Favorite Flowers 2014

Favorite Flower From Seed

Nasturtium in my raised bed garden grown from seed

This year was amazing in my garden and on garden travels.  I spotted a few amazing blooms that I grow in my hardiness zone all the way on the west coast.   Though there were many I grew and spotted during this growing season these are just a handful that stood out today as I write this post.  Be sure to reach out to me on my website and let me know what you think about the following.


nasturtium flowers

Growing the nasturtium from seed in early spring is rewarding not only because it is an inexpensive seed but because it is easy to grow. A longtime favorite to add to salads and borders.

Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye Weed Loved By Pollinators
This plant reseeds itself each year and grows with no maintenance. I love how it fits in perfectly with my hydrangea shrubs that grow next to the plant. The butterflies also love this bloom.

Scented Geranium

The blooms on many of the scented geraniums are super unique and nothing like your grandma’s flower. I also love the different foliage on each plant.


Dahlia in the Garden Landscape

Living in hardiness zone five been means growing dahlias takes a little more work. Although the root will have to be dug up and stored for the winter it is well worth the show it puts on in the early summer through the hard frost of autumn.


border of raised bed


This was my first year to grow the annual Vinca. I was super impressed with the low maintenance and it’s tolerance to dry summer heat in my raised beds. This plant provided blooms with color all season.


Begonias are a fun flower to grow because they resemble the rose. they make great flowers on patios and decks potted in partial shade

Naked Ladies

Not only is the name fun to say, but they are also ecstatic to see pop up in late summer out of nowhere! The dainty little blooms on a long steam can be a pleasant welcome to any landscape.

Starting To Bloom : Naked Ladies

Let’s Connect

I would love to hear about your favorite flowers so be sure to reach out to me.  Connect on my website today.

Happy Gardening,

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