mangave and other succulents in the Altifarm SystemThe Altifarm will change the world… I believe this with all my heart. I get chill bumps thinking about all the possibilities for anyone wanting to grow. In this share today I share the latest addition to the Altifarm I use in my home and garden.

My Altifarm Video Update

All Season Home Farm: Indiegogo Campaign was a success.  I spent the day working on the presentation featured in this post. Trying to put my excitement into words to share with you was really tough. My fingers wanted to get planting.  This all-season home farm has really changed things for me when it comes to growing success.  You can find the videos featuring this product on my playlist below.

This video can be found on YouTube at : https://youtu.be/-29SSOGfP0k

Presentation Highlights:
About Bren’s Winter: https://youtu.be/-29SSOGfP0k?t=32s
LED Light experience: https://youtu.be/-29SSOGfP0k
The Cover: https://youtu.be/-29SSOGfP0k?t=4m2s

Bren Recommends

Altifarm Set Up in Living RoomThis really is a fun all season farm to play with indoors and outside.  I have been using mine since 2015.  I have grown everything from succulents to grapevines successfully in this setup.  You can get yours on Amazon.   If you would consider purchasing using my Amazon affiliate link I get a small portion of the sale. ((thank you)).   The photo on the right is when I first set it up indoors.  You can see my collection of Altifarms in the Dome Garden and More on my site.

Link to Purchase Here! 


Growing Year-Round Farm in My Home

After playing with the Altifarm in my 20′ Geodesic Bio Dome for a week it occurred to me I was not thinking out of the box.  For the past 2 years, I’ve been learning how to grow in the dome.  When the Altifarm arrived I put it out where I grow – the dome.  What was I thinking? 

Having the Altifarm in the dome is like having a dome in a dome.   I quickly moved the Altifarm into the house which was super easy to do with its simple design. As I mention in the video above ANYONE could have the Altifarm put together and ‘farming’ in under 30 minutes with no tools required.

in the greenhouse all seasons

UPDATE: Today I use the Altifarms set up in my Dome.  You can find it featured in most of my live streams on social media.  

Altifarm | Growing Year-Round Farm

During the video production above I took a few photos to share with you about the cover and lights.  Please click through the collage below featuring these images from my Altifarm | Growing Year-Round Farm

Bren indoor farm

It is hard to keep my mouth shut when it comes to neat ideas like this Altifarm and growing indoors year-round!

Let’s Connect

If you have questions or concerns please connect with me by commenting on the growing year-round farm on this blog post.  I can’t begin to tell you how excited I’m to grow your dream farm or garden soon.

Happy All Seasons Gardening,

Bren Haas

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