Crocus Lining The Walkway in Spring

April 1st the crocus began to open along the walkway to the sunroom. I had planted these back in the Autumn of 2013. It was super easy to plant these small little bulbs. I just got down on my hands and knees and took my weeding tool and made a hole just big enough for the bulbs ( which is about 1/2″ big). After putting the bulb about 1″ deep I covered it with the grass that had been poked out with the weeder. SUPER EASY .. and very relazing to sit in the Autumn sun and poke holes in the lawn for bulbs.

Now it is time for the bloom show. I hope you enjoy my photos I took of the crucus as they open. I have about 50 bulbs along this walkway and would love to maybe one day add more.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015  When the bulbs first began to bloom I shared how my Oppie Kitty was so careful not to step on the bulbs on Facebook.  Click the link to view the cute photos of that awesome cat! 

Happy Spring!


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