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Herb Growing in Container

Everything I Love About Growing And Harvesting Patchouli

In this post I share all about the herb patchouli. Not only is this plant a pretty one to grow in your home garden there are many things you can do with the harvest. About Patchouli https://youtu.be/j3Lcv85tfRk This video is part of my Bren Haas Channel on Youtube. The patchouli plant is a tropical plant

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Spring TIme to Replant

Planting Rosemary Tips

In this post I share my personal tips on how to plant rosemary.  Check out the video and the highlight gardening ideas below. How to Plant Rosemary in Container Video The rosemary herb just maybe one of my all time favorite herbs to grow.  It is fairly easy to enjoy year-round even in Ohio hardiness

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Bromeliads From Walmart

About Bromeliads Growing in Home Gardens

In this post I share a bromeliads I recently brought home to try for the first time. I am excited to share a short presentation featuring bromeliads growing in home and garden facts.  The main intent of this post is to share my personal experience and answer questions you may have. About Bromeliads Growing in

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Jingle Bell Rock Poinsettia

Fun Facts About The Poinsettia and Ecke Ranch

If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to see a real plant trial. One of my favorites is Poinsettia trials.   Many of the poinsettia varieties I like are from Ecke Ranch. After noticing my favorites were from the ranch I decided to do some research.   In today’s post, Fun Facts About The

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Plants in The Evening Garden

Enjoying the evening in the garden is a highlight of growing flowers.  In this post, I share some of my favorite plants I recommend for you to enjoy in the evening garden. Flowers in The Evening Garden Take a walk with me in my evening garden and enjoy the flowers here in NW Ohio.  I share

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Spring Planting Containers

3 New Herbs Growing and Planting Tips

Rain day weekend means planting and shopping at local garden centers. Join me at my potting table back in the raised bed garden as I share some 3 New Herbs Growing and Planting Tips. Video with details on this post. 3 New Herbs Growing and Planting Tips Spring is finally here and we are out

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home garden of bren haas in summer 2009

Cucumber : Grow, Harvest and Recipes

In today’s post and presentation, we discuss cucumber: growing, harvesting, and some recipes.  Don’t miss the video presentation featured on this page. Cucumber: Grow, Harvest and Preserver We’ve been having so much fun sharing from our home and garden this summer. One of my all-time favorite things to grow is the cucumber.  Check out this

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perfect cabbage

What Variety of Cabbage to Bring To The Dinner Table

 It is hard to believe there are more than 2 different types of cabbage.  When I think of this cool crop I think of green and the ‘cabbage patch’ doll.  Seriously, I always wanted one of those dolls and every time I see a beautiful cabbage growing in the garden I think of those toys. 

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