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lilium lancifolium (tiger lily)

Adding Lilium Lancifolium ( Tiger Lily) To Your Home Garden

In this post, I share a few facts about the Lilium Lancifolium also known as the Tiger Lily.  There are few planting tips you will want to note that I share today. Tiger Lily These low maintenance plants are a fantastic addition to most home gardens.  Below I listed a few fun facts that will

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gardenchat logo

How To GardenChat on Twitter

In this post, you will learn how to use Twitter to connect with others who enjoy gardening.  Be sure to check out the videos and leave questions on this post. How to Participate on Twitter GardenChat This is a short video that shows how easy it is to join the conversation on Twitter GardenChat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMLLpHh8P0A

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Daylily Around The Dome Garden

Blooming Daylily Flowers in Landscape Around Dome Garden

In today’s post, I share images and videos of the Blooming Daylily Flowers in Landscape Around Dome Garden.  I hope you enjoy them and consider growing some of your own. Blooming Daylily in Landscape Around Dome Garden This morning I took some time to capture some of my favorite daylily flowers blooming around the dome garden.  In the

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dwarf cavendish banana trees

Truly Tiny and Dwarf Cavendish Banana Trees In My Dome Garden

In this post, you’ll see a few unique plants growing in my dome garden. Check out the Truly Tiny and Dwarf Cavendish Banana Trees! Growing Truly Tiny and dwarf Cavendish Banana Trees Video This is the first full summer in the dome garden.   The 4 trees I started with are multiplying and doing really well.

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GardenChat Live Stream May Updates

In this post, I share the GardenChat Group Live Stream (edited version). You will find the video and more details from that Private Group update.  If you would like to be a part of this spectacular group and see first hand see details here. GardenChat Live Stream for May 28 I cover so many topics

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colorful tray of plants

Late May Garden Center Visit

Join me for a GardenChat about the plants I brought home to support locals during a garden center visit. In this post you will see the live stream that was shared on the GardenChat group.  New plants I’ll be adding to my garden that you won’t want to miss! GardenChat About Garden Center Visit Join

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Benchs Garden Center

Garden Centers in Northwest Ohio

Below you will find a list of garden centers I personally recommend located in Northwest Ohio. Hoens Garden Center  Family-owned nursery since 1983 with a farmers market, trees, shrubs, herbs, vegetables, and more to grow. Hoen’s Garden Center features spacious home decor & workshops at this location just outside of Toledo. 1710 Perrysburg Holland Rd,

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bird eating oranges

How To Welcome Baltimore Oriole To Your Home Garden

In this post I share how I welcome the Baltimore Oriole in my home garden.  You will see video, images and grab some links to great products Bren recommends. The Baltimore Oriole In My Home Garden The key to inviting these birds to your home garden is to provide a place they will love.  Shelter

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dome gardenchat roses tomatoes

Tomato Starters, Tea Tree and Roses GardenChat Live

Beautiful day in May means it is garden time.  In today’s live stream we cover Tomato Starters, Tea Tree and Roses GardenChat Live Tomato Starters, Tea Tree and Roses GardenChat Live Streaming live in the 20-foot geodesic biodome on this beautiful day in May.   Find out more about the dome on this website. The uncut

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Grow your own tomatoes

Grow Your Own Food In Modern Victory Garden Bag

We are super lucky today and all the modern luxuries we have in the garden. In this post I share my tips on growing your own food in a modern victory Garden. Grow Your Own Food The Corona Virus has got a lot of people really thinking about where their food comes from.  Not to

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gardening book book on table

Gardening For Geeks Book Review

In this post I share one of the newest additions to my book collection: “Gardening for Geeks” by Christy Wilhelmi.  Check out the colorful video and why I think you should own this book. Gardening for Geeks Book Review Come flip through the colorful gardening guide everyone from the home gardener to balcony grower should

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