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Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla In My Home Garden

In this post, I share how the Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla makes it easy to be lazy.  You will find videos and images with fun facts about this amazing plant. Don’t miss my recommendation and rating of this plant at the bottom of the post.

mandevilla yellow vine


Fun Facts About The Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla

Below are a few fun facts about the Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla.  Don’t forget there are a few different varieties on the market.

  • The plants scientific name is: Mandevilla x hybrida
  • Hardiness degree is 32*F
  • The Summer Romance Mandevilla will bloom spring, summer, late summer and Autumn.
  • The vine will climb up to 60″
  • Drought tolerant, heat-loving, and very low maintenance.
  • The vine loves full sun

The Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla In My Home Garden

Bold, tropical blooms in a wide range of colors and a vining habit make this a versatile show off in my home garden. This vine can be planted in-ground, in containers, or in mixed combinations (all with a required support, like a trellis). If it weren’t for the fact it was $19 and Iw as short on cash not knowing how well this plant would grow I should have bought 2!  In the video below I tell you and show how amazing the plant performed in my home garden.
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Be sure to check out my other videos on Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  If you can’t find something you’d like to learn more about please message me anytime and let me know what you would like to see.

Where to Find The Plant

This was the first and only time I’ve ever seen this plant locally.  I bought mine home from Home Depot during the 2020 Covid Pandemic.  If you are a commercial grower you can find the seed at BallSeed.com


Brens Recommendation and Rating


To be totally honest with you, if I could get a hold of the plant again for under $20 I would grow it.  Unfortunately, the plant didn’t make it through the winter even in my 20′ Geodesic Bio Dome.  The 4 star rating is outlined below:

  • easy to grow
  • full sun with little watering in summer heat
  • beautiful blooms with little feeding
  • medium growth rate – nothing like the white or pink Mandeville’s from 202o and 2021 summer garden.

Thank you for stopping By My Website today! 

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In conclusion to sharing my honest opinion about this plant, I would love it if you shared it with me.  What do you think of the Yellow Mandevilla?  I hope I did a good job of showing you just how beautiful these blooms are.  I highly recommend this plant and hope to add another to my garden for the next summer season.  Stay tuned for more fun climbing easy loving plants.
Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

4 Responses

  1. Loved it Bren! Where would one find this? I’m used to seeing the whites, reds and pinks. The yellow grabbed me and I would plant it if I could locate it. Thanks

    1. I just happen to be waiting outside near the garden center at Home Depot while my hubby was getting some supplies to work on our house during COVID. THERE IT WAS!!! I had never seen a yellow Mandevilla either. I WISH I would have bought 2 for my containers in the front of sunroom instead of the pink I have growing there. I did some research on the plant and see it is available at Ball Seed but I think you have to be a grower to purchase. This variety doesn’t get super tall either – only 60″ tall so be careful when shopping. I guess there are some varieties that can get over 18 feet tall.

  2. My name is Karl Lohrmann. A few years ago I bought this Summer Romance Yellow Mandevilla from a local nursery. The plant died this spring once I brought it outdoors. None were available wher I live this spring. Where can I order one and have it shipped to me? Thanks, Karl

    1. Hey Karl – thanks so much for stopping by my website today. I just did a search on Home Depot Website which is the business I found the plant at locally in 2020. It shows they have them in stock for $38. Best of luck this time and I am sorry to hear your plant died. They really love alot of light and not to go below 50*F. The Yellow isn’t as hardy as the pink or white Mandeville in my opinion. Keep me posted!

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